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Parenting is probably different than you thought it would be.

It began with a gentleness that bonded you and your child for life.
Now, despite that bond, you’ve begun reacting more often than you’d like to admit.

What Makes this Book Different?

Reacting floods your mind with stress, anger and frustration, and clouds your ability to think. Responding allows your mind to remain clear enough to think as well as enforce the learning needed to guide your child toward changing his/her behavior.

Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 Ways to Transform Behavior into Learning Moments illustrates, through examples from daily life, the unique partnership that exists between parent and child when correcting behavior. The book shares non-yelling yet firm ways to respond instead of react to achieve better behavior from children ages 2-10.

Each chapter acknowledges the long-range point of view regarding conflict resolution showing that the way you address the intense emotions of early childhood and school-age children not only impacts your child now, it also determines whether or not your child becomes independent, respectful, responsible and capable of succeeding in the world. 

We honor how busy you are, so we’ve structured the book’s design as a resource for parents; no chapter is longer than 2 pages and has a reference path to solutions at the end of the section to use in the middle of misbehavior corrections.

Boy Listening not arguing
Upset girl whose been yelled at
  • Do you react and yell when misbehavior you thought had been resolved shows up again?
    Learn two parenting beliefs about misbehavior that cause you to think your toddler or child is disobeying you. See how your child truly views things so you can be calm and firm instead. See pgs. 17 and 49.
  • Does fibbing, lying, or not owning up to something make you angry and create conflict?
    Help ensure your child has the opportunity to be honest and take responsibility for his actions by handling lies using the method on pg. 19 during early childhood and the school-age years.
  • Do you feel disrespected when you hear an insincere “Sooorrrreeee?”
    There is a unique and powerful way to apologize that creates a respectful “I’m sorry,” calms intense emotions, reconnects those involved, and truly makes amends. See pg. 65

Here’s what others say about the book:

 “I interview top parenting experts every day for my work, but Sharon Silver stood out to me the very first time I talked to her. Her advice to parents is incredibly calming and very do-able. I especially appreciate that her solutions always include sample conversations parents can use with their kids. Concepts are fine and good, but providing actual words we can use—That’s pure parenting gold. I highly recommend Stop Reacting and Start Responding.” –Teri Cettina, contributing editor, Parenting magazine

“Sharon really does seem to see the entire relationship between parent and child in our interactions in a way that most authors and experts don’t. I think my entire parenting experience would have been easier if I’d known about her work when my older one was younger.” –Moxie, AskMoxie.org

“A glorious collection of parenting tips that moms can use to help them raise good and caring kids.” –Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries

Stop Reacting and Start Responding

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Stop Reacting and Start Responding

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Stop Reacting and Start Responding

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What Others Say

“A glorious collection of parenting tips that moms can instantly use to help them raise good and caring kids.”

Michele Borba, Ed.D,

“Many of us have said things like “I was spanked and I turned out just fine.” But if we really dig deep, is fearing your parents “just fine”? Stop Reacting and Start Responding helps parents respond so a child’s decisions aren’t tied to fear.”

  Tracy Harkins Ross

“In an era when we all feel confused about ‘how to parent’ our children, Parent Educator Sharon Silver provides sensible, modern advice real parents can really use. It can be difficult to navigate the differing opinions of experts … [Sharon shows us that] time-out isn’t the only option.”

Dr. Lynne Kenney, Author of The Family Coaching Method

“I not only treasure Sharon’s advice, but also her voice. She has a gentle, but very present way of communicating that lets the reader know that she can relate to what is happening, [she] empathizes, and at the same time is wise enough to hold [the reader] and give some grounding.”

Jillian Shapiro

“Excellent writing! It was balanced, forthright and helpful. What I love about your writing is the practical application aspect; after all, what good is information if you do not know how to apply it.”

Cheryl Cormican

“…Sharon makes this a manual for life. I have been using the techniques since my son was 3, and WOW what a difference it has made.”

Holli Gagliardi

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