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“Parenting is hard! We all get caught up in the moment and forget how we’re supposed to handle things at times. That’s when we blindly react and likely contribute to the problem with our reaction. Sharon’s book provides a better way by teaching us how to respond more effectively while making your child feel acknowledged and loved.

This book of tips is designed for busy parents to use as a tool in their arsenal of parenting skills—tools that work! Sharon’s manner is caring yet firm and her analysis of child- care situations is always on target. Her help works, and kids respond!”

Heidi MacLaren

“The invitation to participate in this blogger review program was such a blessing to me.  It came at a time when I had begun to notice I was an “angry” mom almost all the time and I so very much needed a new approach to handling my kids.   I felt terrible when the deadline passed by and I had not been able to finish the book. Entirely due to unexpected circumstances here,  I had been floundering with taking care of a teething baby and the other three Chaos Makers while hubby worked nights, days and everything in between.”
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“It is no secret if you read this blog that I struggle in the parenting of my three young children.  I have good days and bad and sometimes feel like there are a lot more bad. And though I think I know how to fix issues I have with them – not listening, tantrums, fighting – I really don’t. Luckily, I now have a new tool that not only seems to understand my struggles, but gives me concrete, easy to use and implement advice on how to deal and THINK my way through handling them.”

A Day in Motherhood

“Sharon really does seem to see the entire relationship between parent and child in our interactions in a way that most authors and experts don’t. I think my entire parenting experience would have been easier if I’d known about her work when my older one was younger.”

Moxie, AskMoxie.org Divorced mother/writer offering parenting advice on Huffington Post and askmoxie.org

“This book lives on my nightstand. It grows with your child and I’ve found I often revisit concepts as my son enters a new developmental phase. Sharon’s advice promotes respectful, loving interactions. She gives you the tools to respond consciously rather than just “becoming your mom/dad” when it comes to reacting to your child’s behavior. I started out as a spanking parent. The truth is, it never really worked for my son. We are all rookies, especially with that first child. Many of us have said things like “I was spanked and I turned out just fine.” But if we really dig deep, is fearing your parents “just fine”? Stop Reacting and Start Responding helps parents respond so a child’s decisions aren’t tied to fear.”

Tracy H Ross

“In an era when we all feel confused about ‘how to parent’ our children, Parent Educator ~ Sharon Silver, provides sensible, modern advice real parents can really use. It can be difficult to navigate the differing opinions of experts in this digital age, but Sharon simplifies developmental concepts and provides parents with actionable advice to raise healthy, ethical, competent kids in a flash. Focus on your relationship she says, winning involves negotiating, and time-out isn’t the only option.”

Dr. Lynne Kenney, PsyD, Pediatric Psychologist and author of The Family Coach Method.

“I was recently asked to review Sharon Silver’s book, Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 Ways to Discipline Consciously and Become the Parent You Want to Be. And, I’m so glad I was. Like you, I’m a parent. And like you, my kids aren’t perfect. {If yours are, feel free to stop reading here.}

This book was jam packed with great tips and advice for parents of children ages 1 – 10. Just as I thought it would be. I took a good deal of notes as I read through and have already started to implement many of the strategies.” Read More


“I interview top parenting experts every day for my work, but Sharon Silver stood out to me the very first time I talked to her. Her advice to parents is incredibly calming and very do- able. I especially appreciate that her solutions always include sample conversations parents can use with their kids. Concepts are fine and good, but providing actual words we can use—That’s pure parenting gold. I highly recommend Stop Reacting, and Start Responding.”

Teri Cettina, contributing editor, Parenting Magazine

“A down-to-earth parenting book written by a real expert— one who has been in the trenches with her own children and taught parenting to others for 18 years. Full of wisdom and experience, Sharon’s voice comes through in all the many tips she gives for multiple situations real-life parents face.”

Janet Gonzales-Mena, author of Dragon Mom, the PITC Caregiver Guide on Routines plus several college text books on early childhood education

“I highly recommend this book! So often (as parents), we forget that our children aren’t little adults, they are still learning to live in this world and often have stages in their life where they really can’t be the child we expect or want them to be.

Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ shares hints and tips on how to maintain a loving, respectful environment in the home, while still working within the busy world of a growing, changing family. It was refreshing to be able to quickly reference tips and not have to read a book cover to cover in order to feel prepared to institute the strategies identified.

After reading Sharon’s book, I came away feeling refreshed and refocused on my vision of the kind of parent I want to be. The strategies shared in her book empowered me to be a more thoughtful, empathetic, intentional parent.”

Rachel Fouts-Carrico, MEd, mother and teacher

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