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10 No Yelling Methods
That Teach and Correct
While You remain Calm

This masterclass shares 2 methods to stop arguing, 3 updated, age-appropriate mindful ways to correct behavior, a pathway that enforces rules, an accountability method for apologizing, and so much more.

3-in-One Package

10 No-Yelling Methods
Stop Reacting and Start Responding-PDF eBook edition
1/2hr Private Telephone Coaching Session

Responsive Reminders
Without Timeouts

Responsive Reminders for strong-willed or tender-hearted kids shares information vs warning them that something bad is about to happen if they don’t stop. Responsive Reminders create productive, effective, respectful, empathetic, and age-appropriate ways to correct behavior without timeout.

Compatible Parenting
Regardless of Style

No parent wants to argue with their partner about how to correct their child’s behavior. However, there are times when feelings, beliefs, and personal style disrupt the process. This mini-course shares a 3-step process to create a framework that will guide you both toward agreement, regardless of style.

6 Unique Ways
to Teach Self-Control 

All parents want impulsive kids to learn that controlling yourself is something they need to do, not something a parent or teacher does for them. This mini-course shows you how to empathetically and calmly, yet firmly teach those skills without yelling or punishment.



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This 50, pg. ebook details 10 No Yelling methods to extinguish arguments, enforce rules, reset attitudes, plus 7 other updated, proven methods to change your parenting from reacting to responding.

Learning to calm down all by yourself is complicated. This ebook shares child-like language and methods to describe how anger feels when it surfaces, how it impacts others, and what to do to calm down
Warnings can cause fear and arguments. However, warnings that teach prepare kids to accept the results of their choices. These learning reminders work for both strong-willed and tender-hearted kids.

Mistakes don’t always motivate a 2-5’s crying, tantrums, lying, and lack of listening. There are little-known developmentally motivated behaviors that look and feel like misbehavior but aren’t. Find out what they are and how to work with them instead of against them.