They say things come in threes. After the last few weeks, I agree.
First, my back went out, and that NEVER happens.
Then, my sister-in-law fell and broke her back. She’s better, thank goodness, but OMG.
Then, Mr. Man and I got Covid.
So, I crawled into bed to ride out the storm. Thank goodness it was a light case, but unfortunately, it did linger.
I’ve also been working, as much as possible, even with Covid.
I read something posted by Janet Lansbury, and I’ve come to the same conclusion.
Her message struck me as an essential precursor to what’s coming from me.
I am an average person, just like you are.
I get derailed by life, just like you do.

I face toxic people who throw emotional rocks at me like your kids do.
I stumble when I face those things, just like we all do.

One of the first lessons we all learn as parents is that we are not in control.
Life with kids means unpredictability, uncertainty, and coming to terms with the new person you’re forced to become so you can face what life puts on your plate.
How do you find the strength, clarity, words, and actions to do what’s in your heart and what’s best for your child?
That’s a lot to figure out while raising kids.

Here’s the weird thing.
That feeling, the unpredictability, uncertainty, and coming to terms with the new person you’re forced to become; those feelings don’t go away when kids get older; they change and take on new forms.
Unfortunately, the feeling that you’re walking around in someone else’s skin, that feeling hangs around until you integrate yourself into your parenting.
This short piece from Janet Lansbury might resonate with you and show you that you are not alone.
“If you have the nagging sense that babies [kids] deserve the same respect we would offer to any other person, you might be a weird parent.
If you don’t see the humor in photos of upset toddlers [kids] because you empathize with them as people, you might be a weird parent.
If you marvel at your baby’s [kids] innate abilities, you might be a weird parent.
If you believe that your child’s perspective is interesting and always worth considering, you might be a weird parent.
If you hope to develop a mutually respectful and enjoyable person-to-person relationship with your baby, you might be a weird parent.
And you’ll know you’re definitely a weird parent if, like me, you look forward to the day when “weird” is the new normal.”
Janet Lansbury
You must embrace your new normal and merge who you were with who you have become.
As a parental cycle breaker raising a trailblazer, you’ll also need your words and actions to not only express your love which provides safety, but you need to maintain the rules and boundaries that promote lessons and guidelines for how this world works.
No easy feat. And we’ve got you.
You know we have been rebranding.
We are focused on transforming your parenting from the cycle of toxicity that most of us were raised with to parenting from a whole place; without forgoing the words and actions needed to raise authentic, resilient children successfully.
Stay tuned, life may have set me back a few weeks, but I am more passionate than ever to help provide the parenting transformation you’ve been looking for.
Here’s to health, wellness, and empowerment.
Talk soon. Now, go hug your kids!

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