Proactive Parenting change responding into learning moments. Ways to change yelling & punishment into effective ways to correct behavior, teach self-discipline.

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You’re a parent, a partner, and a person with unique needs for growth and peace of mind.

You’re done feeling frustrated, emotonally exhausted, and like a stranger to yourself.

You’re ready to stop yelling and punishing, but aren’t sure what to do instead.

We’ll help you transform behavior into learning moments, which naturally produces a calmer mindset.

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Hi, I’m Sharon.

I’m guessing someone you know
mentioned my name, or you saw me online.
However you got here, I’m glad you’re here.
This site shares practical and realistic parenting resources and playbooks that
will change your family’s life
(seriously, not kidding).

Watch the video to hear what we’re all about.

You might have seen me…

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react

30 Breakthrough Choices for Kids
that Ends Arguing about your Rules

Why does that matter?

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Your parenting began with enormous love and a gentleness that bonded you and your child for life–and nothing has been the same since.

Now, despite that bond, you’ve started reacting more often than you thought. As a result, things challenge, frustrate, and trigger you and you’re emotionally exhausted.

The secret solution is to shift how you teach your child about their behavior. Then you can communicate, empower and teach without damaging your child’s spirit, or losing your temper!

No child likes hearing “eat your veggies.”
No parent appreciates someone telling them what to do.

Fortunately, you’re the expert on your child.

You know what works with your child and what doesn’t.
I don’t because I’ve never met you!
But that doesn’t mean you’re alone.

What does that mean?

  • Our job as parents is to guide and help our kids translate life’s experiences.

  • Our job is not to prevent or control those experiences.

  • Our job is to help our kids gain wisdom about themselves and the world around them, while we empower their potential and purpose as life continues to push them to grow. Shifting this one perspective about parenting naturally moves the mind toward responding.

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How we help…

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You know your child’s temperament, habits, likes, and dislikes. We know how to blend gentle and authoritative methods to understand what’s motivating behavior so your child feels seen and heard as corrections are made.

Our Solutions Playbooks offer strategies and methods that allow you to use what you know about your kids and family to decide whether or not the entire process, or a portion of the process, will work for you, your child, and the situation..

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A rut of inaction…

Without an actionable plan, it’s easy to fall into non-action and repeat the same reactive methods again and again, hoping for a different result. We all know what Einstein said about that, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”Albert Einstein

Read the blog, the book, book a coaching session, or purchase a mini-course because I am confident that you will, at long last, find the parenting strategies you’ve been looking for so you can respond instead of reacting.

Download our Choices strategies for the easiest
and quickest way to experience success and test our methods.

30 Breakthrough Choices for Kids
that Ends Arguing about your Rules

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Hi, I’m Sharon Silver, and they call me the Parent Whisperer. I have the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing me to understand
and express what they are too young to articulate.

What I bring to the party is 30 years of parenting wisdom, developmental knowledge, and the methodology to create gentle-authoritative, responsive, mindful, and empathetic solutions, plus the experience of helping parents from over 93 countries.

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You might have seen me…

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react
Kids-10-no-yell Playbook


Actionable Solutions

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Video Series

Surprising Results

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Other parents have seen results. Will you be next?.

Sonja Limon, Testimonial I can't recommend Sharon and Proactive Parenting enough No one else is talking about this stuff.
Dr. Lynne Kenny Testimonial, In an era where we feel confused about "how to parent our children,Parent Educator, Sharon Silver provides sensible, modern advice real parents can really use.
Amy Vance Testimonial, I've been led to thousands of websites, read hundreds of blogs and books...but the majority was dead end information. You're different.…it was the way you worded things. You were like a fresh, crisp, cool drink of water during an often-exhausting marathon of seeking advice.
Lani Wharton Testimonial, It's really refreshing to get helpful tips that start with the change within us first. I find your insight really helpful and exactly what 1 am looking for.
Erin from Oregon Testimonial, I've seen sites like this before, they look like they offer great stuff, but give fluff or BS. I'm amazed at the immediate results with my child and myself. I'm in control. I don't get emotional or upset. I now use situations as teachable moments and my child responds.
Michele Borba Testimonial, A glorious collection of parenting tips that moms can instantly use to help them raise good and caring kids.
Ask moxie Testimonial,
Bucket List Moment, Sharon meets Dr Shafali at 1440 Multiversity

30 Breakthrough Choices for Kids
that Ends Arguing about your Rules

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