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“In an era when we feel confused about
how to parent our children, Parent Educator
Sharon Silver provides sensible, modern
advice real parents can really use.

Dr. Lynne Kenny,
The Family Coaching Method

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react

Why Proactive Parenting?

  • Because you’re a great parent and only want to get better at the job.
  • You adore your kids and are stunned that parenting isn’t as easy as you thought.
  • You’re done being defined by your parent’s parenting; you want to be mindful without forgoing the line in the sand that requires kids to learn.
  • You’re embarrassed by your “parent envy” and wonder, “Why can’t my kids listen like that?”
  • You’re shocked by how short your fuse is and that it irritates you into yelling.

Does that sound like you?

If so, let me show you how I was where you are, and what I did to change things.

But first, here are some things you’re probably wondering about me.

Who am I ?

My clients call me The Parent Whisperer because I have the unique ability to see things from a child’s perspective, allowing me to understand and express what they are too young to articulate, which is invaluable when you’re triggered and reacting.

I help parents create an environment that inspires growth and makes changing behavior feel safe.

What is Proactive Parenting?

It is where you’ll find the answers you’ve been longing for. We don’t provide “theory”; we deliver what Google can’t, real-life ways to decode the emotional situations kids become tangled in. We share supportive, connected ways to shift from reacting to responding as you correct behavior plus how to inspire the teaching of life skills, all while holding the line in the sand that is so critical for kids so they can learn.

Why Should you care?

  • Because all great parents care about becoming more authentic and mindful, empathetic and calm as they parent.
  • All good parents want a magic wand to change their family dynamic from ignoring to listening.
  • Listening doesn’t happen when you yell because when you yell, your child withdraws slightly so they can withstand your intensity instead of listening.
  • Breathe…we have what you need to change all of that.


Yes. And I have been on countless radio and TV shows and in magazine articles and podcasts, all talking about how the time has come for parenting to blend awareness with boundaries and life skills so kids can grow into successful resilient adults.

My career began…

It had been raining all week, and my three yr. Old was whining, pleading, and crying about everything; we were all bored and negotiating. His behavior was wearing on my last nerve as I tried to calm my fussy newborn, and then it happened.

After hours of warnings, threats, and timeouts, I asked him what he wanted for a snack, and he began screaming for a popsicle.

I lost it and was about to spank him to get him to stop screaming, BUT I stopped myself instead.

I thought that was all there was to it and reached out to hug my sweet child, but he recoiled and backed away from me.
He was afraid of me, and I was crushed and burst into tears.
I had replaced my beautiful child’s trust in me with fear of me.
That was the day I knew I had to change my parenting direction.

But I had a problem!

I, too, had memories of what it felt like to be scared of my parents, fearful of their yelling and spanking me. I wasn’t going to inflict that kind of emotional pain on my children.

I’d seen other parents parent differently; I’d seen them correct behavior calmly. But unfortunately, those methods and skills were never modeled for me, so I knew I needed to find strategies and skills to help me reframe my beliefs and shift my reactions.

Let me be very honest. I wasn’t perfect and neither were my kids. However, the everyday behavior that occurred when handled with love, connection, clarity, and firm boundaries, allowed us to grow together versus being pulled apart by the wounds that happen when you yell and use reactive parenting.

Official Bio

Sharon Silver’s clients call her The Parent Whisperer because she has the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing her to understand and express what children are too young to articulate.

Tracie Zenti and Jilly Testimonial

Sharon is a mom, parent educator, coach, and founder of, a parent’s dream resource showing parents how to shift from the dreaded reactive corrections to responsive directions so that parents can transform behavior into learning moments.

 She began her career with an education in early childhood development and parenting. Then gained four parent education certifications, plus training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

Stop Reacting and Start Responding Cover

Her book, Stop Reacting and Start Responding: 108 Ways to Transform Behavior into Learning Moments, plus her #1 bestselling playbook, 10 No-Yelling Methods that Teach & Correct while you Remain Calm, have led to being a contributor to Parents Ask, Experts Answer, plus 70 articles published on PopSugar Parenting, and she’ll be appearing soon in the upcoming Momma’s Goals.

Sharon’s work has been featured on national media outlets such as Oprah, CNN, Sacramento and Company, Am Northwest, Parenting and Parents Magazine, Yahoo Parenting, and other regional and national parenting magazines. She has also been a speaker for Microsoft, Intel, PayPal, and eBay’s parent communities.

Her warmth, authentic support, practical honesty, and wholistic point of view helps parent stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle-washer, therapist, and frustrated mom-boss.

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