Sharon Silver, of Proactive Parenting, interviewed on Sacramento and Company, live TV, by Melissa Paul
Live TV shot of Proactive Parenting’s Sharon Silver interviewed on ‘Sacramento and Company


Sacromento And Co Stop Reacting book on screen


Sacromento And Co Stop Reacting book on screen


Sacromento And Co Stop Reacting book on screen



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  • Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show – May 11, 1994
    “Hitting, Spanking, Smacking: Should it happen to your child?”
  • Your Teen,
    “Turn Off the Lights” March/April 2015 Vol. 7 Issue 4
  • Parenting Magazine and CNN Health,
    “How to Win Over Stubborn Kids” May 2011
  • She,
    “Watching the Olympics Together” August 2008
  • Parenting Magazine,
    “When Kids Want Discipline” March 2008
Quoted In

Things Not to Say to Your Kids. (And You’re probably saying them)
Alpha Mom, Kelsey Kintner, July 2017

Why This Mom Always asks Her Baby’s Permission Before Picking Him Up
Yahoo Parenting, Elise Sole, June 12 2017

Mom Who Allowed Snake to Bite Her Baby as A Parenting Lesson
Yahoo Parenting, Elise Sole, June 10, 2017

Beyond Time-Outs; 5 Out of the box Ideas for Disciplining Kids & Encouraging Good Behavior
Alpha Mom, Kelsey Kintner, Feb. 2017

PopSugar Articles
over 70 articles, from 2013-2016

Toddler’s Unbelievable Paint Mishap After Mom Turns Aways for Minutes
Yahoo Parenting, Esther Crain, July 9, 2015

Should You kiss Your Kids on the Lips
Yahoo Parenting, Jennifer O’Neil, June 3, 2015

Mom Arrested for Punishing Son for Missing Curfew
Yahoo Parenting, Esther Crain, June 2, 2015

Mom Hailed as a Hero for Smacking Son preparing to Riot in Baltimore
Yahoo Parenting, Jennifer O’Neill, April 28, 2015

The Screen Time Rules Most Parents Are Breaking
Yahoo Parenting, Esther Crain, April 27th, 2015

Why it’s good to let bad things happen to kids
Yahoo Parenting, Esther Crain, April 24, 2015

Parent’s Unusual Way of Punishing Daughter for Bad Math Grade
Yahoo Parenting, Jennifer O’Neill, April 14, 2015

The Secret to Prevent Teen Drinking
Yahoo Parenting, Jennifer O’Neill, Jan 9, 2015

The Dangers of Kids Skipping Meals
 Yahoo Parenting, Jennifer O’Neill, Dec. 19, 2014

6 Ways to Prevent Your Child from Unbuckling His Car Seat
Café Mom –  Stephanie Booth, Dec. 18, 2014

Bode Miller’s Custody Battle is Over, but are his son’s Troubles Just Starting
Yahoo Parenting Jennifer O’Neill, Nov. 18, 2014

The Right Way to Praise Your Kid
Yahoo Parenting, Elise Solis, November 13, 2014

How to deal with Playground Terrors
Yahoo Parenting, Beth Greenfield, Nov. 2, 2014


  • Getting to The Heart of the Matter- HerInsight Radio

  • The Wayne & Jane Show – KBS Radio BC, Canada

  • Family Matters – KPAM – Portland, OR

  • Money in the Morning – KSDO – San Diego, CA

  • Cybercity – KTSA – San Antonio, TX

  • The Martin Birnback Show – KLIF – Dallas, TX

  • The Peter Boyle Show – KHOW – Denver, CO

  • Brugman on the Bay – WMDM – Silver Springs, MD

  • Alexander & Harding – WIKZ – Chambersburg, PA

  • Westchester Speaks – WFAS – Hartsdale, NY

  • View Point – WRVC – Ona, WV

  • No Holds Barred – WRPT – Ashland, MA

  • Chris & Austin – WHMP – N. Hampton, MA

  • The Rick Barber Show – KOA – Denver, CO

  • Dan Mitchell – WKBK – Keene, NH

  • The Jerlyn Battle Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Lee Horn – WELI – Hamden, CT

  • The True Hawkins Show – KDWN – Las Vegas

  • On-Line – WREL – Lexington, VA

  • The Phil Ferguson Show – WAKR – Akron, OH

  • The Ken Behrens Show – WJBC – Peoria, IL

  • Rich Deleo Show – WFBG – Holidaysburg, PA

  • Neon & Beyond – KOMP – Las Vegas

  • LaCrosse Talk – WIZM – LaCrosse, WI

  • The Frank Synder Show – KRBN – Lexington, NE

  • Community Focus – KCUE – St. Paul, MN

  • Lucy Ann Lance Show – WQRL – Ann Arbor, MI

  • Marion Wroble – WBET – Worchester, MA

  • At Issue – KXEL – Waterloo, IA

  • The Jason Jones Show – WCCO –Minneapolis, MN

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