Your Truth is Important, Especially with Kids!Yes, you are important!
And you need to share your truth!! The question is, how do you share your truth?
Is your truth tainted with resentment, anger, frustration, judgement, or dumping of emotionsReframing how you express your truth, especially with your kids, is where your personal power lies.Sharing the truth about situations, and how your child behaved, makes you trustworthy in your child’s eyes. As long as the words you use are mindful, empathetic, and supportive, not reactive and punitive.In fact,“When kids get loud, parents get quiet.”

 Yup, I adopted Michelle Obama’s words, thanks Michelle!

That statement is great way to think about how to share your truth, without compromising yourself.
Being mindful allows you to show your child that you respect his/her feelings and hear their point of view, because  you wait for the big emotions to subside before teaching and sharing the consequences of their actions.

There are concepts, that take 2 minute to learn, that will reframe how you express your truth as you enforce boundaries so kids, listen, learn, and cooperate.

Of all my products, 10 Key Tools for Teaching Not Punishing, is one of my favorites.
It contains 10 different short concepts, and actions, that embrace mindful parenting and allow you to express your truth, empower your kids, all while you correct behavior.
I’m just sayin—this is what you’re looking for! 🤯

See ya Friday!
Now, go hug your kids,

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