Acceptance: Your Kids Are Watching You	This week is about acceptance.
I’m accepting the fact that life threw me a curve ball and I’ve had to change what’s on my plate this week—I needed to make some adjustments.
You’ve made some adjustments too.
Your life has changed since you had kids. Your value system and the relationship with your spouse or partner has changed.The relationship you’ve with your friends, your body, and yourself has also changed.You’re not the same person you were before you had kid
You have choices about the changes you’ve experienced.
You can fight it, or accept it.

The Un-Changable Shifts

If you fight things when life hands you a curve ball, life can feel like a struggle every moment of every day.And, when you fight the unchangeable shifts in your life, you’re modeling for your kids that this is how adult’s handle the big changes in life.

If you accept and roll with the changes, you’re showing your child how to become resilient.You have the right to feel any way you like when life throws you a curve ball.It’s not about swallowing your feelings. It’s about the lens you view things from.

Blank slate

Remember, you’re not the only one who is looking through your lens to see how you navigate life. Your kids are a blank slate, so to speak, and are watching everything you say and do. So keep that in mind when life hands you a lemon.
Now, go hug your kids,

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