Parents tell me, “I’d be happy to give up yelling if there were another option, but it’s the only thing that works.”
Your throat is sore, your guilt is through the roof, and you’re worried about the damage that yelling is having today and will have in the future.  
It’s like there’s a war between your mind and your heart.  
You’re right. Yelling is the ONLY thing that works that way
If parents understood how yelling affects a child, they would instantly give up the quick win for something that is actually effective. 
Your child feels hurt, scared, abandoned, and confused when you yell. 

They can’t hear what you’re trying to say after you yell. 

Their immature brains are flooded with cortisol which shifts their focus from logical thinking to fight, flight, or freeze mode to protect them from the intensity coming at them.

At this point, they cannot learn, understand, or remember anything you 

are trying to convey. (Which pretty much defeats the point of your yelling right?)
You need a better way. 
After 30 years of helping parents overcome this significant struggle, I’ve discovered that there are 5 Actions you can take to stop the yelling for good and regain the calm in a situation so the message you’re trying to express gets through.  
Calm, conscious parenting doesn’t look like the examples you’ve been shown on TV, in movies, or the suggestions from parenting resources that insist that using a gentle voice is all you need when you’re triggered and need to correct behavior.
I tried that, and I say hogwash! 
Calm, conscious parenting is honest; it doesn’t shy away from the details of an issue.
It exists in real life, I promise!

Reality based calm, conscious parenting requires a review of what’s happened, acknowledgment of which rules were broken, how the behavior affected others, how to apologize, so it’s authentic, not hollow, and what to do to repair any damage. 
Join me for 
5 Actions that Stop you from Losing your sh*t during Parenting Chaos.
You’ll discover 5 Actions, in a specific order, to use to fix the situational chaos you’re experiencing daily. Your words will register as a need fulfilled to your child, and (s)he doesn’t have to act out to feel like (s)he is getting your attention.

And it all happens without yelling. You cannot get better than that!
Join us on October 4th at 11 am PST for 60 minutes as we change your parenting forever. 
Read all about it, then purchase your ticket today, so you get a seat for this one!

To your parenting success without the need for sore throat lozenges!
Now, go hug your kids.

PS: Skipped to the end?
TL/DR: If you’ve been yelling at your kids and you’re SO OVER IT, but you haven’t found
a better way, I have a REAL solution for you.
Join me for the 5 Actions that STOP you from Losing Your Sh*t during Parenting Chaos Workshop, Oct 4th at 11 AM PST.
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PPS:  I do not do these kinds of workshops often and my testimonials speak for themselves, this isn’t fluff you can Google, it works.
“It’s really refreshing to get helpful information; I find your insight really helpful and exactly what I was looking for.” Lani Wharton
“…Sharon makes this a manual for life. I’ve been using the techniques since my son was 3, and WOW what a difference it has made.” Holly Gagliardi
“There is simply no way to put a value on reclaiming your sanity. My family is back into alignment now because we’re focused on the same vision, using the same strategies.”
Debbie from Oregon

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