Dad and Son sitting by a piano talkingWhy Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead?

Learn the right things, at the right time, and you’ve got transformation!
Isn’t that what every parent wants? To transform their child’s behavior. 

I truly believe with my whole heart that you’re the expert in your child’s life.

You know best. You know what works, and what will not work.

You know what to say to your child. 

You know what you want to teach your child. 

AND … There’s only so much time in a day, we all know that! 
You know, that what you do with the time you have each day, matters.  

AND … You’re emotionally worn out by the end of each day. 
You’ve dealt with feelings, misbehavior, arguing, fighting and more. You know that what you say and do impacts your kids.

Parenting continually requires that you ask yourself some big questions. Things like:
Are my messages getting past the “I’m not listening barrier?” 
Are my kids learning from what I tell them, or are they saying whatever they think they should, in order to stop my yelling?
Are my words being blocked by my yelling? 
The answer is yes

I’m a mom. I’ve loved, fought, argued, yelled, punished, guided, and instructed. 
I’ve shared my pearls of wisdom and gotten tantrums and crying, or an attitude in return. 
I’ve cried, worried, been frustrated, fought with my husband, and felt horrible about myself and my parenting. 
I’ve tried to control my kids, and I’ve allowed life to teach my kids, all while making sure they were safe, of course. 

Parenting isn’t easy!
You know the hurdles you’re facing. 
However, I know the hurdles you’re going to face. 

I do not know more about you or your child than you do.

What I do know is how to remove the blocks that get in the way of your ability to be heard. 
I know tools, methods, and new ways to shift your parenting from yelling and punishing, to connecting and teaching.

I also know, that the sooner you gain these empowering, transformational, clear and firm tools, methods, and new perspectives, and make them part of your child’s reality, the easier parenting will be today, and in the future. 

I get it. You don’t want to be told how to parent.
No one should tell you that.  
Each of us, parent and child, have the right to learn as we go, that’s how life works. 

However, I think you’re ready for something to work, and work well.
Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead? shows you how to begin your parenting transformation. 
This effective free webinar happens next Thursday, October 5th, 11 am PST. 

Register here so you can receive the details of how to attend: 

Effective  Every parent wants to be effective.
It’s how you achieve being effective that matters. 
You want your child to have high self-esteem. 
And you want your child to know how to manage themselves, physically and emotionally, when you’re not around. 

I’m sharing methods, strategies, and new perspectives that will unlock the words you use, so you can teach by responding instead of reacting.  

This FREE webinar will also address: 
• 1 thing all parents have in common that causes them to cycle back to yelling again, and again. 
• 3 decisions kids make that can impact future behavior, and cause more yelling.
• 3 new ways to correct behavior that inspire listening, thinking and cooperation, stop attitude and/or disrespect, and create respectful apologies, by taking responsibility for your actions. 

You want results instead of resistance regardless of how old your child is.
This webinar has tools to use with kids ages 3-13.

That’s what this FREE webinar, Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead? will do.

Register NOW and join is on October 5th at 11am PST

Best of all, the insights and action steps learned in this webinar can be applied 2 minutes after you learn them. 

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