Spring-flowers in a yellow watering canWhat’s The Story About Your Life?

What is The Story You Tell Yourself about your life?

The title is sort of an odd question, I know. But let me ask it again in a different way. What is the story you tell yourself about your life, about your kids, and about yourself?

Do you see yourself as a glorious whole being? Or a small damaged one?

Do you see your child as a shining light ready to reveal the secrets of who she is? Or do you see her as her behavior, the one who causes chaos all day long?

Do you see your life as a journey, an opportunity to grow and discover who you truly are? Or do you see your life as a series of irritating hurdles you have to face each and every day?

What’s the story you tell yourself about your life?

It’s spring. Even if what you see from your window still looks like winter, it’s spring! Close your eyes and ask yourself, am I looking forward to blooming flowers, longer warmer days and magical nights filled with stars? If you’re looking forward to any of those things, then your internal clock has notified you that spring has sprung.

And now for the “bigger” question—What Will You Do With the Power of Spring?

Spring gives us all a fresh start, a chance to plant new seeds and pluck out the old growth. A chance to let go of old wounds and old habits, a chance to insert new words and refresh our connections with those we love. Spring allows us to begin again.

How will you create yourself anew? What do you want to change?

Do you want to change the way you speak to others? Maybe you want to change the internal dialog you have with yourself? Or the way you extend your purpose into this world? What will bloom for you this spring?

When I see the daffodils in bloom I know they are only here for a short time. They signal an opportunity for me to focus on something I want to change in my life and remind me to get on it.

This week the spring blooms struck me in a way that reminded me to let go. I saw daffodils in perfect bloom surrounded by hundreds of other spring flowers and became inspired to adjust the way I’ve been feeling about a situation in my life. I became aware that old issues have been clouding how I feel. When I saw tender shoots emerging from the ground I realized that, in this situation, old wounds will never be resolved, and in order for me to heal, I need to let go. I need to let the anger stop blooming and let new shoots of love take its place.

Let me ask you again—What Will You Do With the Power of Spring?

Here’s an example of someone who has changed the way they handle a sensitive subject. This conversation is being brought to you by www.RaisingMama.com. The writer overheard this conversation while getting dinner at Wendy’s. Read her post below first, and then I want to add something, of course!

“Random goodness: at Wendy’s picking up food for dinner. Saw an older man with two boys. The older boy (6-8) says to his I assume grandfather, “I need to go home and change my underwear…”

Grandfather says, “Why?”

The kid looks uncomfortable and shrugs, looking down.

I brace myself for shaming.

Grandfather comes close and says, “Okay, no problem. We’ll swing by the house and change. I shouldn’t have asked you like that. I should have waited until we were in private or just trusted that you know what you need. I’m sorry. I’ll remember next time.”

Those are some pretty respectful words, and a beautiful way to handle a delicate situation. And why shouldn’t a parent or a grandparent treat a situation like this as respectfully as possible? That’s the question, why do we usually handle situations like this with anger, frustration, disappointment or shame? Is it really necessary? Is there another way to teach, empower, and create independence and respect while still being the authority in our child’s lives? Yes, there is. I hope those grandfather’s words will inspire you to change your words and let the connection between you and your child bloom and take center stage in as many situations as possible.

Don’t let my question, What Will You Do With the Power of Spring? wither on vine, so to speak. Focus on it. Look inside and make some changes. Begin by always taking a breath before speaking to your kids.

Happy Spring! Now go hug your kids!


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