Candles arranged in a heart shapeUnconditional Love

I’m shocked that it’s 4 days before Valentine’s Day. Really shocked. I know it’s last minute, but I thought I’d send out a post each day for the next four days talking about the reality of love. 

So many people think this holiday is a “Hallmark moment” and choose to ignore it. I get it. I choose a differnt way of looking at this holiday, no surprise there!
I choose to look at what unconditional love is all about.

That’s what I’ve posted about today. And what I’m including here. I hope you enjoy it and it gets you thinking about what unconditional love means to you.

Look for a post a day up until, and including, Valentine’s Day.

And if you watched the Beatles Tribute last night, like we did, I agree with them … all you need is LOVE!

What is unconditional Love?

It’s everything you think it is. However, it’s also the realization that attempting to shut down a child’s emotions is a futile task. Shutting down emotions, trying to stop feelings, rejecting reactions, is like trying to push a huge ball under water in a swimming pool. You may be able to push it down, but it will forcefully pop up as soon as you let go!
Feelings and reactions don’t go away unless you address them. It’s how you address them that determines what happens next. Unconditional love … accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly. What do you think?

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