You're tired, and wonder if you'll ever get alone time again?You’re tired.
You’re fed up with having no time for yourself!You’re exhausted by the constant need to remind, correct, cajole, argue, punish, negotiate, and more. So. Much. More!When I was growing up, moms were perfect. At least that’s what we saw.
I was raised during the late 50’s early 60’s. It was the Donna Reed and Father Knows Best era. It was a time when most parents insisted that only a perfect family image be presented to their friends, family, and their community. No one ever knew what was going on behind closed doors because out in public, life was perfect, till it wasn’t!Those days presented a picture of what parenting and being a mom was all about, or so I thought. I thought that being a mom would be bliss. Moms’ were perfectly quaffed, treated well, gracious, in charge of everything till Dad got home, and made being a housewife look effortless.WTH!I fell hard into the illusion of being the perfect natural, breastfeeding, cloth diaper, organic baby food mama. Then I had my first child! That illusion lasted 48 hours.The first day that I was alone with my tiny baby was when it happened. He was sleeping, and I was peeing for the 51st time in 3 hours. I heard a blood-curdling scream and ran to his crib—he wasn’t breathing!
I picked him up; the movement caused him to begin crying again. While holding him, I called the Dr., and he said to bring him to the emergency room immediately.
At that exact moment, Mr. Man came home, and off we went. It seems my perfect baby had just exhibited, what was back then, considered a common sign for crib death, or so they thought.
Over the next three days, monitors were going on and off, trying to track his breathing, as well as tons of blood tests and tiny screams from my child.
My first week as a mom was not a Donna Reed experience.
I had to confront life and death decisions I was not equipped to make. I wasn’t calm or gracious; I was terrified. In the end, the Dr.’s had us watch him but said they couldn’t find anything. He never had another episode and grew into the healthy man he is now.
That was my first IRL lesson as a mom—we are not in charge!Look, I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve always been a control freak; that was until 2020 got a hold of me. I don’t know about you, but 2020 caused me to change A LOT!This last year had me count my chickens. 2020 had me reviewing who I was, what I believed, and how I related to family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Many colleagues were shocked that I pulled Proactive Parenting back, but that was all I could do. I needed time to integrate the many nuances about myself that were surfacing.Like everyone else, this deep dive caused a deeper awareness of the fragility of life, the tenuous nature of relationships, and the great care that needs to be given to those we love while we have them.You’re tired. So am I! I hear you.You’re tired of only having access to complicated theory about child development and parenting when you need to change things.You want some clear, practical answers and sample conversations to use so you can move on. I hear you! Did you know that No-Yelling methods feel intuitive and can be remembered even when you’re triggered?You’re fed up with having no time for yourself! Me, too! I hear you. You wonder if you’ll ever have a quiet moment again. You love your kids, but what about YOU! You feel guilty thinking about you, but if you don’t, resentment will overtake you.Did you know that No-Yelling methods weave in ways to take care of you and your need for quiet private time, too?You’re exhausted by the constant need to remind, correct, cajole, argue, punish, negotiate, and more. So. Much. More!Did you know that No-Yelling methods don’t drain your energy because your child is doing most of the thinking while you remain calm?Like the hospital experience I had with my son, none of us can control what happens in life. You can’t control who your kids are or how they’ll experience the daily rigors of life. We want to, but now we can all agree that control is out of our hands, especially after this last year.You’re ready to come out on the other side.
You’re ready for
ways to guide instead of punish.
You’re ready for parenting to become more manageable.
You’re ready to say the “magic†words that
inspire cooperation and listening.
You’re ready to feel more like you again. To be the fun, empathetic, yet clear mom who guides her kids toward lessons that teach instead of controlling, yelling, or punishing.No matter what you need, you don’t need to worry—we’ve got you!Need to chat live, then book a coaching session.Need to hear what other like-minded moms think, join us inside Real Talk Parent Lounge.Ready to shift your parenting perspective and make some changes? Our #1 mini-course, 10 No-Yelling Methods that Teach and Correct While You Remain Calm, does just that.I’ll say hello more often, but I know you have tons to do and not much time to do it. Me, too! I hear you.WE are ALL in this together. I’m remerging, and so are you.Let’s do this together.Till next time. Now, go hug your kids!Sharon

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