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I have this crazy ritual that I do each year between Christmas and New Years.
I clean all my files, and I do mean all-my-files! I will find a good movie and sit with my laptop and clean out my email. Is it just me or do you use email as a filing system too? I clean out my hard drive, and organize my desk.
I tell myself that cleaning my files this thoroughly allows me to live with the mess on my desk for most of the year. I’m pretty neat, so having a bunch of papers on my desk makes me feel like I still have work to do. I know that’s a great topic for therapy!
I have one issue that never seems to get resolved, the To Do list. Here’s my dilemma.
I write a detailed list of what I need to do. I’m proud of that list. It has everything on it. Then it sits there. I rarely look at it. I’m too busy dealing with what comes across my plate each day to look at it. I know it’s silly!
This year I have another “new” system. I have 5 clipboards. I have a clipboard for every day of the week. I make a To Do list and put it on the day of the week I think I’ll get to it. Then I move things from one clipboard to the next. Hopefully getting most of it done before I do the next weeks to do lists, so far, sort-of good.
I am a sick puppy when it comes to organizing.
My New Years Resolution is not to judge myself, if it gets done—great. If it moves to the next week so be it—have a life! That’s my resolution this year. Mr. Man says, “Sweetie, we’ll see how long that lasts. After all it’s 10:44 pm Wednesday night and you’re still at your desk writing tomorrows blog!” I hate when he’s right!
Please share your resolutions. Any ideas for me? I’m open to another “new” plan!
Here are the resolutions of a few others and one thing I’d like to encourage all of us to do each day.
“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”Fitzhugh Dodson
Top 10 Resolutions: Natalie Morales, Host of the Today Show
10) Travel with my kids more and introduce them to new languages, cultures, foods
9) Finally organize my photos and put them in albums. I’m good at downloading, but not so much at the rest.
8) Get my oldest son to start helping out around the house more; like making his bed.
7) Potty-training my 2-1/2 year old… Can’t wait till he’s out of diapers.
6) Getting my kids to eat more vegetables and not be so picky!
5) Getting a little more free time to take care of myself too!
4) Making it on time more often to pick up my son from school
3) Being more organized in all things but especially in keeping track of events/play dates, things that involve my kids
2) Being a better mother, wife, companion, friend
1)   Loving more, complaining less!
Dr. Michele Borba has a great blog with her version of New Years Resolutions for parents.
A great thing to do each day: I think everyone knows about this site? I also think we do it for a while and forget about it. Well, I resolve to do it every day, oops I forgot today. Just went and did it. Now it’s our turn. Join me in a “Click to Give” to help those in need.
See you Tuesday for week two’s question

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