The Authentic Parent Series
For School-Age and Older


Parents with school-age kids face moments when exceptions meet reality, and that can cause conflict and stress.

You want you child to be empowered, have empathy for others, yet be respectful and follow the rules.

How do you make that happen, without yelling, punishing, arguments and stress?

The Authentic Parent Series

Helps you identify how you became trapped in the arguing, yelling and punishment cycle.

Reveals words, and actions that allow you to respond and teach a child toward listening and more cooperation.


The Handbook

Each module in the series is supported by a detailed handbook delivering time-tested intuitive resources you’ll rely on for years.

Shares words and actions that re-frame how to talk about behavior so you can work with, not against, development and emotions.

We believe

The most powerful parenting methods are calm, empathetic and firm at the core.

That rules and boundaries, delivered without reacting, transform behavior into the wisdom a child needs to attain self-control.

The Concepts

Easily adapt and change as your child grows, so both you and your child can rely on consistent rules, boundaries and methods to correct behavior with children ages 5-18.

Create ways to release children to themselves bit-by-bit so they learn from their experiences to become respectful, responsible, independent, productive adults—the goal of any parent.

What You’ll Learn

Module #1
The hidden goals that cause arguing.
20 signs indicating a possible argument is about to begin.

5 myths that can re-ignite arguing.

Module #2
A child’s biggest misinterpretation about arguing.

A sample conversation preventing arguing, without compromising rules.
2 lists exposing why parents and kids argue.
Technique that stops arguing and grows with your child.

Module #3
4 Transformative skills to Being Heard Instead of Arguing:

Skill #1: Guiding a child from arguing to thinking.
Skill #2: The key that shifts arguing to cooperation.
Skill #3: Connecting while enforcing the rules.
Skill #4: Using “Respectful Disagreeing” instead of arguing.


Module #1
Isolating the motivation behind yelling.
Questions that dismantle yelling.
Signals telling you “I can no longer hear you.”

Module #2
Exposing the myths behind yelling.
How yelling changes children.
3 Blocks interfering with clear communication.

Module #3
3 Steps to Creating Clarity that Replaces Yelling:

Step #1: Words that shift responsibility so a child resolves the effects of behavior.
Step #2: An upgraded classic inspiring action to take place, now.
Step #3: How to create a firm expectation that motivates cooperation.

Technique that stops arguing and grows with your child.

Module #1
Why we believe kids are bad and need to be punished.
9 huge differences between Learning Consequences and punishing.

Module #2
The true application of unconditional love.
4 Pillars that support Learning Consequences:

Pillar #1: An authentic way to express firmness.
Pillar #2:
How to create self-discipline.
Pillar #3:
Keeping a child focused on learning from a situation.
Pillar #4:
Unlocking the ability to truly learn.

Module #3
6 Steps to Motivating Listening and Cooperation:

Step #1: Story: A tale of stealing, lying, jealousy, breaking the rules, and getting caught.
Step #2:
Words: Stopping kids from lashing out when confronted.
Step #3: Rules: Making it clear something will need to be done.
Step #4: Resolution: A magic phrase that creates acceptance.
Step #5: Apology: Genuine versus insincere, plus, a conversation that pulls it all together.
Step #6: Closure: Re-establishing your connection.

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