Tired of being an “Angry Mom,”
being asked if you’re the babysitter,
yelling, and emotional exhaustion?

Come in and explore

We share practical , no-nonsense
ways to Transform Behavior
into Learning Moments.

Dear Parent, You go this

You’ve got everything inside of you to be the kind of parent
you always hoped you’d be!

You’ve also got anger-frustration-triggers preventing you from being the
kind of parent you always wanted to be.

Parenting is a balancing act.

African-American parents frustrated and trying to correct behavior of two preschoolers while out on a walk.

You’ve chosen to parent mindfully, empathetically, and remain
connected as you correct behavior, but triggers
keep causing you to yell and punish.

You don’t realized you’re yelling until you hear
the intensity of you request to “do-it-right-now!”

You’ve read the expert advice,“To become the calm, empathetic,
firm authority
you know your child needs. “just remain calm.”

However, when you’re interrupted, whined at, or argued with,
remaining calm is
 much more complicated than it appears.

Sad school-age and angry tween kids experiencing a mindful timeout while sitting on an old car

Proactive Parenting shares methods , tips, and sample conversations
that honor both you and your child’s feelings while teaching life skills,
correcting behavior, and enforcing clear boundaries.

I call it Transforming Behavior into Learning Moments

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Remember, you’re not alone.
Sharon-Proactive Parenting

African-American mom empathizing as she resolves an argument with Asian tween wearing a love t-shirt.