3 Kids sprinklers Summer Games for You and The Kids

Summer Games for You and The Kids

Summertime Games that Build Trust and Friendship, by Rudri Bhatt Patel

Proactive Parenting is taking the summer off, so we have a guest blogger for you instead. Enjoy. 

Are you looking for a way to build trust and friendship with your kids, but also want to have fun? Summertime is a great way to gather in the backyard and enjoy games with your family. By picking the right outdoor activities, parents not only show their kids how to have fun, but lay the right building blocks to create bonds forged on friendship, love and trust. Check out the following games for inspiration.

Mine Field

Prior to starting the game, scatter various objects in your backyard. Designate pairs. One person in the pair is blindfolded, while the partner guides him or her to the various objects in the yard. By taking directions, the blindfolded person must trust he or she will receive the right instructions to get to the object first. This game will generate laughs as people try to avoid running into each other on the mine field.

Trust Lean

This is a classic game which requires no equipment and is perfect in a open space. Pair people together who are similar in size and designate one person as the faller and the other as the catcher. The faller must trust the catcher as he or she falls backward. Start with a small fall and then increase the space and as your kids play this game, talk about what makes him or her trust their partner to catch their fall.

Pass the Parcel

This games works well with trying to teach friendship and trust with older kids. Wrap a prized gift (either a box of chocolates, gift card or prize of your choice) and add multiple layers to the parcel. Everyone sits in a circle, the music plays in the background and when it stops, the person who is holding the gift, must unwrap the gift and complete some kind of challenge, like sing a song to the entire group, do 20 sit-ups or reveal an embarrassing moment. Adults and kids will quickly learn who is comfortable sharing and trusting the group with personal information.

Bean Bag Compliments

Form a circle and toss a bean bag from one person to another. Each person must acknowledge the adult or child standing next to him or her and offer a compliment. A positive affirmation like, “You are good listener” or “You make me laugh” is a great way for everyone to learn what others think of them and a fun opportunity to boost friendship and self-esteem.

Slice ‘n Dice

This game is best played outdoors and is suited for a larger group of people. The participants must form two equal lines and face each other to form a corridor by putting their arms out straight. Arms must intersect and the person in the last position will walk through the corridor of arms. Repeat this pattern and each person is required to walk through and rejoin hands. As the person walks through, the people in the corridor are continually swinging their arms up and down in a chopping motion and missing the walker as he goes through. This game teaches trust and cooperation and it is guaranteed to bring out tons of laughter.

Trying to forge a connection with your kids? Make it fun and interactive by inviting your family outdoors for some summertime fun!

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