Robert Downey: A Key PointRobert Downey: A Key PointPeople ask me, “Why do I need new parenting information; people have been parenting for centuries!” True.

People grow and change. Parental styles come and go. And as a result, awareness increases and new layers of information come forward to inspire your next level of personal growth.Have you ever asked yourself “What am I teaching my kids by the way I’m parenting?That’s a mindful question that echo’s the changes that have occurred in parenting.I’m betting that parents from previous generations, maybe even your own parents, never asked themselves a question like that. Things have certainly changed.Over the last few years there has been an upgrade in the way we look at family, parenting, relationships, empathy, communication, and mindfulness, everything has changed…except the way we parent. We’re still yelling and punishing instead of teaching.Robert Downy Jr.’s statement, “You need to know what to do when the sun isn’t shining” tells the tale of what kids truly need. They need:
the truth
to have a positive outlook, even in the midst of learning that life isn’t all rainbowsto know how to control themselves when big emotions ariseto know how to maintain self-esteem in the midst of situations that challenge their view of themselves to know what to do instead of what they have done.Regardless of whether you have older or younger child, you’re part of a new generation of parenting. You’re choosing to be a mindful parent who teaches instead of punishes. You’re aware of the impact your words and actions have on kidsYou want alternative ways instruct your child to control him/her self, be respectful, be responsible, and change his/her behavior.Using a previous generation’s parenting style tends to feel like you’re forcing yourself to correct behavior using anger, yelling, and punishing.However, being a mindful parent, giving kids what they need to be successful, feels more like your hearts-desire, and explains why a parent needs new parenting information even though we have parented for centuries.Till next time,Now, go hug your kids. (This is how I end all of my posts)Sharon

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