Using a Mindful Authority While Correcting Behavior (all ages)


1.  Why Do I Yell: The Webinar

2.  Making Warnings Work and Stopping Back-Talk

3.  Teaching vs Correcting

4.  Yelling: The Game Changer Resource

5.  Motivate Listening

6.  Being Heard vs Arguing

7.  10 Key Parenting Tools for Teaching not Punishing

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Why Do I Yell: The Webinar
This webinar addresses the triggers that are blocking you from mindfully addressing behavior, and provides words and actions to use instead.

Making Warnings Work and Stopping Back-Talk
The eBook resource updates warnings so they truly work to motivate cooperation. There are swipe conversations sharing how to stop attitude and back talk for strong-willed and tenderhearted kids.

Teaching vs Correcting
This eBook has 34 sample conversations showing you the clear, proven difference between reactive correcting and responsive teaching. 

Yelling: The Game Changer Resource
This eBook helps you identify what a child’s anger and misbehavior is telling you, and shares sample conversations to address the need behind the behavior.

Motivate Listening
This webinar shares the importance of shifting your perspective about correcting behavior, and ways to use the power of teaching consequences vs punitive consequences.

Being Heard vs Arguing
This webinar shows you how to shift from arguing to understanding so you can stop the power struggles without compromising the rules or your authority.

10 Key Parenting Tools for Teaching notPunishing
This eBook shares 10 powerful, mindful tools to correct behavior without sacrificing your authority. Each concept corrects misbehavior in ways that teach respect, responsibility and cooperation.


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