Development Hints & Correcting Behavior w/o Yelling (ages 5-7)


1.  What’s Up with the Attitude

2.  Teaching Kids’ Responsibility

3.  Why Kids Behave the Way They Do?

4.  6 Unique Ways to Teach Self-Control

5.  Motivate Listening

6.  Yelling: A Game Changer Resource

7.  10 Key Parenting Tools for Teaching not Punishing

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What’s Up with the Attitude

This eBook tackles why your child has an attitude, and shares the mindful, yet authoritative words/actions to use to defuse it. 

Teaching Kids Responsibility
Kids ages 5-7 are no longer baby-like; they still need to practice skills that teach them about responsibility, self-control, and cooperation. Chores are one of the best ways to do that. Having your child do chores at this age creates the habit of completing things, and that will become very useful when the time arrives to do homework.  

Why Kids Behave the Way They Do?
This eBook goes into great detail about the unseen developmental characteristics that can cause behavioral upheavals and chaos for a child. You’ll learn the concepts, hints, and sample conversations to use to guide your child as they pass in and out of these phases.

6 Unique Ways to Teach Self-Control
6 proven ways to inspire self-control as you address daily behavior, regardless of the situation. 

Motivate Listening
This audio shares how to create a mindful teaching consequence instead of a punitive one. There are sample conversations to show you how to create a mindful learning consequence, plus what to do if your child doesn’t cooperate. 

Yelling: A Game Changer Resource
This eBook shares how to disengage from the unconscious, automatic urge to react when your child uses an attitude. You’ll learn how to spot the need behind the attitude, anger or misbehavior, and reframe your conversation into a mindful correction, which shifts a potential power struggle into empowered growth.

10 Key Parenting Tools for Teaching not Punishing
This eBook shares 10 different tools that switch you from reacting and punishing, to mindfully guiding and teaching. You’ll learn 2 new mindful versions of timeout, why kids resist new parenting concepts, how to stop a power struggle while maintaining your connection, how to teach a child to stop and get calm, a tool that makes rules abundantly clear, and how to apologize, plus you’ll learn the two most powerful words in parenting.


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