10 No-Yelling Methods System
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10 No-Yelling Methods System that Teach and Correct while you Remain Calm

You knew parenting would be emotional—but you never thought it would be this intense.
These ten sought-after methods will fundamentally change how you address and teach your child about behavior.

You’ll walk away with…

  • A fresh perspective about why kids repeat behavior and what to do about it.
  • An effective way to stop an argument once you’re in the middle of one.
  • An empowering visualization image that teaches kids how to release anger and reactions.
  • A new understanding of why a child sees misbehavior and arguing as attention and a
    technique to shift and support the giving of attention that’s critical to kids.
  • Three age-appropriate modern, connected ways to update timeouts and consequences.

~ Kids ages 2-4 need information, not punishment. This loving method sends the message that yes, you need to be corrected, but you don’t need to be afraid when you do something

~ Kids ages 5-7 need to learn what they did wrong and what’s required to fix it. These lessons
are taught as you support and empower them instead of sending them to another space for

~ Older kids need to learn how to take responsibility and fix the outcome of their choices. They need to learn new self-regulation habits so that habit is locked in their subconscious for a lifetime. This step-by-step method plus sample conversation shows you all the details
involved in teaching those skills and what to say and do when things don’t go as planned.

  • A completely different way to announce and enforce rules, focusing on the emotional cost
    and not just the result.
  • A self-directed, actionable way to create apologies the whole family can use, so you don’t
    ever have to hear another insincere apology laced with attitude.
  • A powerful, clear two-word statement that stops attitude in its tracks.

Grab your playbook today and begin transforming, guiding, and teaching kids through their learning moments because a child’s growth waits for no parent.


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10 x $24 = $240.00

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