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Powerful, Whole and in Charge

Everyone wants to feel whole, powerful and in charge of their lives.
Getting the great job was the goal.  √
Finding the right partner was the goal. √
Having kids was the goal. √

But now, the goal has turned your world upside down. √

You feel trapped.
You’re compromising.
You continue to achieve, no matter how it impacts your health.
You arrive home at the end of a long day, only to be met by your sweet emotional child(ren), and another set of challenges arises.

It feels as if you are slowly losing sight of who you truly are.
This is not the life you signed up for!

Many of us hold a deep dark secret—we would run away from it all, if we could.
I’ve been there.
You know because recently I’ve shared several personal posts so you would know that I know your pain.

There is one thing that keeps us going — love.
We love our partner.
We love our kids.

NOW is the time to take action!
Time to reframe the dream.
Time to add reality into the equation.

Love is where we start.
Love is the goal.
Love becomes, and remains, the core of how we parent.

But something gets in the way of love.
Being a parent means experiencing many layers of conflict at once.

We’re triggered at work.
Technology has us wired 24/7. Can’t say no to the boss.

We’re triggered by our past.
The wounds of childhood appear out of nowhere, causing us to think the problems we’re facing are someone else’s fault.

We get angry, we feel sad, and we react.

Sometimes, we blame is our child(ren).
If he didn’t misbehave, then I wouldn’t have to yell.
If she would just help out around the house, I wouldn’t be so tired.
If they would stop fighting, then I would have peace in my life again.

Life is complicated.
Life is trying and exhausting.
Life is filled with illusions that let us to lie to ourselves.
The truth is, if we want things to be different, we have to reach out and change things.

Kids are like your computer.
If your computer isn’t doing what you want, you need to find out why.
If you want to know why your child behaves the way (s)he does, then you need to find out what motivates his/her behavior, and learn how to work with that.

If you want to stop the arguing, you need to find ways that cuts through the arguing so you can be heard.
If you want to stop yelling, then you need to communicate clearly.
And, if you want to increase listening and cooperation, you have to stop wounding your kids by your words and actions, and find clear ways to enforce your rules and boundaries.

You CAN feel connected again.
You CAN feel powerful again.
You CAN feel strong and clear again.
And I can help.

You WANT to be able to trust your own internal guidance system.
Deep down, you WANT to know what your triggers are, so you don’t get stuck.
You WANT to be empowered by new ways to communicate, so you can move past the hard stuff, and go back to the love and fun.
You WANT to live the life you want.

Reach out. Take a risk. Get new skills and USE them.
Connect to yourself again.
Connect to those you love again.

That’s why I do what I do.
I offer parents alternatives. I Just wanted you to know you are not alone, there are ways to help.
Talk to you next week,
Now go hug your kids!

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