Attention stressed-out moms…

Ready to stop being triggered, conquer your mom-rage, and finally regain your patience and composure, so you can stop flying off the handle and remain calm even in chaotic moments?

Let me guess…

  • the last three years of mom life have left you feeling short with your kids, isolated, on edge, and prone to snapping at your child even when you know you shouldn’t.
  • You’ve begun hiding your intense anger from family and friends because it’s just a phase, right?

I Know you feel like…

  • scouring the internet for solutions is confusing and a waste of time.
  • secretly screaming at the recommended parenting techniques suggested; it’s an exercise in slowly going mad!
  • you’re the only mom who didn’t get the memo about how to raise a well-behaved kid who listens. And that alone is triggering your childhood wounds.

If that sounds like you, let me assure you—you are not alone.
The intense emotions you’re feeling are normal and have a purpose—

Bet you didn’t think I’d say that, did you?

Here’s what I Know…

  • What you need isn’t another book or a ten-tip article from a parenting columnist who piecemealed their suggestions from random sources just to make their point. Besides, it’s not clear whether the writer has kids, or two dogs and a parakeet!
  • The phrases you’re finding are bouncing off your kids with no effect. It’s like playing dodgeball with a cheater! That’s because those phrases address the result, not the cause.
  • You want to know why this isn’t working and why your mom-rage is getting worse? You know this can change because you’ve seen other parents manage the identical situation far more calmly than you do.
  • You want to be an authentic parent, but you fear that means swallowing your feelings/needs so you can appease your child’s “big feels.” Nope!  Doing that creates mom-rage and makes you feel like a failure.

You are not a Failure!

What you’ve been led to believe should work-doesn’t. There’s a reason why the parenting section of a bookstore has so many books, including mine; it’s because parenting is tough.

You need real solutions, you’re sick of feeling flushed with anger. Don’t worry; we’ll show you what this is all about and how to fix it.

Parents Tell Me…

  • They’d love to find a word, phrase, or method to shift their anger, so their child listens and cooperates.
  • They’d love parenting solutions to work instantly after one try, but life is messy; things rarely go how you hoped.
  • Life is also sneaky. Hint, This 4—part series solves that exact problerm.
  • How your child sees things, and the decisions they make that all contribute to triggering you. And when you know
    that, it naturally reduces mom-rage, frustration and triggers.

The Solution to this issue is

4 Surprising Parent Triggers that Rob your Patience;
Causing you to Freak Out on the Kids and How to Shift to Better Listening.

Lets get Real…

Parenting is soul-level stuff. You know it’s a tough job filled with lots of questions, emotional exhaustion, frustration coupled with the heady moments of pure joy and pride!

Every parent faces tantrums and backtalk, with some experiencing hitting, biting, and aggression. You’re bound to react rather than respond in kindness every time because these behavior are surprising and triggering.

With the toolkit of skills and simple strategies inside this 4-part video series you’ll quickly learn how to shift your parenting anger and frustration into calm confidence using an aligned discipline that allows you to respond with the mindful authority you’ve been looking for.

  • Imagine the shift in your parent-child relationship when you stop yelling and start connecting again,
    even as you correct behavior.
  • Imagine the experience of going to the grocery store or restaurant and confidently knowing that
    everyone is going to behave and enjoy themselves. You may even get some help picking out some new
    produce to experiment with.
  • Imagine how your child will respond and feel once they know they are safe, heard and understood so
    they don’t have to act out to attract your attention in inappropriate ways.
  • Imagine feeling back in control!
    It’s feels amazing and you’re having fun again. Parenting is no longer an exhausting emotional rollercoaster! All it took was investing in this life-changing short video series to help you learn the
    little known psychological, mindful, yet authoritative parenting skills that we wish we’d been taught by our parents.

4 Surprising Parent Triggers that Rob your Patience;
Causing you to Freak Out on the Kids and How to Shift to Better Listening.

This video series tackles the parenting problems my client’s consistently find most challenging.

We’ll Handle…

Part #1: How Perception Changes Everything

Many parents think lack of listening and misbehavior is 100% a child’s fault. The truth is many factors cause misbehavior. Some aspects belong to a child, some to the parent, and some belong to both.

Part #1: Reveals

  • how a parent and child’s perception influences the outcome of behavior.
  • how different perspectives can cause a communication and connection problem that affects behavior.
  • how a parent’s seemly accurate reactive words send misleading messages that trigger kids, who then react and misbehave, which re-triggers a parent, and so on.

Part #2:  The True Power of Your Words and Actions to Create.

Every parent wishes there was one word, or one hard and fast action that would change everything. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, but there is a way to know which words and actions motivate kids, and which words activate testing, which makes you feel like you’ve been robbed of your patience.

Part #2: Demystifies

  • why kids test rules, even clearly defined ones.
  • a solution teachers use that works to reinforce listening and cooperation.
  • how to phrase things so the words and actions used create the responsive result and true understanding you’ve been looking for.

Part #3: Resetting Attention so listening occurs.

Every parent gets confused when the life-affirming attention they give their child turns into endless bids of negative attention.

Part #3: Illuminates

  • what negative bids for attention are really all about and how to change them.
  • a way to redirect negative bids for attention without compromising your adult needs.
  • a quick, fun way to give the critical attention all kids need to feel significant.

Part #4: Creating Listening that Remembers.

Rules and boundaries are critical for preparing kids to know about and live in this world. The problem is the way we announce and enforce them. Enforcing rules through punishment causes kids to withdraw, instead of learning from the lesson.

Part #4: Exposes

  • 4 habits parents use to announce rules and what happens as a result.
  • a way to use a mindful rules to shift the focus from fear of punishment to focusing on the impact the broken rule has created.
  • how to set up a rule system that creates apologies that are genuine and heartfelt.
  • how a parent and child’s perception influences the outcome of behavior.
  • how different perspectives can cause a communication and connection problem that affects behavior.
  • how a parent’s seemly accurate reactive words send misleading messages that trigger kids, who then react and misbehave, which re-triggers a parent, and so on.

You’ll Walk Away With…

I love helping Busy Moms…

Busy moms just like you are exactly who I love helping!

  • If you find your child isn’t listening, and it’s leading to frustration and even episodes of mom-rage, then you need a solution now.
  • Enroll in this 4 part series, listen to each module and quickly understand, implement, and watch the shifts occur right before your eyes.
  • For less than the price of a babysitter and a night out on the town ($37) you’ll become equipped with life changing tools to shift your parenting and childhood experiences for the better!

Start watching…

Your guide is…

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react
Sharon Smilimg

Hi, I’m Sharon Silver, and they call me the Parent Whisperer. I have the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing me to understand and express what they are too young to articulate.

I’ve been a parenting educator for 30 years. My childhood led me to parent in ways I didn’t like. However, the lightbulb moments led to a lifelong dedication to solving parents’ biggest challenges and influenced my education toward parenting and interpersonal dynamics. This resulted in an education in early childhood development and parenting, four parent education certifications, and training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

I have taken the BEST strategies and skills I’ve learned and coupled them with proven mindful psychology and child development to create real-life solutions that aren’t fluff. They work for today’s parents, so you can stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, therapist, and all-around frustrated mom-boss.

Every parent bookmarks things they want to purchase and then it falls into the digital graveyard—but waiting isn’t an option. Your child’s development waits for no one. So… if your child isn’t listening, and it’s leading to frustration, and even episodes of mom-rage, then you need a solution now.

Enroll in this 4-part video series, listen to each module, and quickly understand, implement, and watch the shifts occur right before your eyes.

For less than the cost of a night out, you can have these 4 effective solutions/strategies/methods to the surprising listening and daily behavior struggles you’re facing.


You’ll receive immediate access to the full 4-part video series and due to its incredible value and ridiculously low cost I guarantee you will gain valuable insights and transformative parenting skills.

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