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Parenting Decisions; All Parents have to make them

You have it.
I have it.
Every parent has it.
Every person on the planet has it.
But we don’t always know we have it.
And we don’t always trust it.
What is it?

It’s your knowingness. Your guts. Your intuition. It is, in my opinion, one of the most critical pieces of life’s puzzle. And because I’m all about parenting, I know that your knowingness, your guts, your intuition is critical to the parenting puzzle, too!

Apparently PopSugar thinks so too. Today’s PopSugar article is about the same thing.

Think about the last time you had a gnawing sensation that something wasn’t right? What did you do about it? If you’re like most people, you ignored it. And that can be a critical mistake.

Parenting is a process. Parenting requires that you make decision after decision. Each decision is like standing at a crossroads. Should I go down this road, or that road? It’s one of the reasons parenting is so emotionally exhausting, you have to make big life altering decisions, every minute of every day, all day long.

The decision road is filled with lessons for both parent and child. You make one choice, and learn one thing. You make another choice, and you learn something else. You’re always standing at a crossroads.
So how in the world are you supposed to choose which road to take? How do you make up your mind?

Because of today’s technology, most people decide to forgo their own instincts, and instead they check in the with the Great and Powerful OZ … aka Google.

Doing that can be a big mistake.

Those of us who write, post, or add our two cents online are giving you our opinions and knowledge, but we’re also filtering that knowledge through our own experiences.
If our opinions resonate with you, great. Trust that.
If they don’t, if you’re unsure, then trust yourself, your guts your instincts, your knowingness.

Take a moment and breathe, then run the ideas that others propose through your own personal litmus test.
Ask yourself, does this work for me?
Will this work for my child?
How will this impact our family?
Will this idea empower learning and growing, or will it shut down my child’s access to her own intuition?
Get in touch with the authentic part of you that knows what to do. That’s where you’ll find the answers you seek.

When my kids were little I introduced the idea of intuition by giving it a name that would get their attention. I called it their “shit detector.” They loved the idea of being able to say the word “shit” in the house, only!

I told them that every person has a “shit detector.” It’s a quiet feeling, a quiet voice inside, you have to listen for it. Then, to help them practice, I’d ask them, “What does your “shit detector” think about this situation?” This led to some very funny conversations.

One afternoon I got an excited call from my older son who was backpacking around Europe. He said, “Mom, my shit detector really works. I mean, I know it does, but I had no idea it would work this well! I was in a crowded market in Spain, and I had the feeling that someone was behind me and was reaching into my pocket. I reached around and grabbed the hand of a gypsy. She let go, and ran away. Boy, was I freaked. The people in the market said, ‘No one ever catches the hand of a gypsy…well done!’ Thanks for teaching me about my ‘shit detector!’”

Every single one of us has a part of ourselves that knows what to do. If we trust that part, the information gets louder and louder, each time we trust it.
If we ignore that part of ourselves, the voice within gets smaller and more difficult to hear.

Parenting is one of those things in life where you’re not given all the answers. You have to figure things out for yourself. You have to protect your child. Your intuition is there for you, if you trust it.

As a parent educator, I am clear about my role. My role is to inspire parents by sharing new tips and concepts that produce a wider perspective, and then leave it up to you to choose what resonates with you. My role is not to take the place of your own intuition and wisdom.

Teach your kids to trust their internal resources, their knowingness, their guts, their intuition as well. Life will become much more like you always hoped, and dreamed it would be, if you do.

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