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Unfortunately, I’ve been in two of the towns where shootings have occurred. 
Columbine: My son’s school was in lock down the day after Columbine. Rivals from another high school decided to play a prank on his school. School officials put his school on lock down because they were afraid of another Columbine. Our whole community was in shock. When I saw on the news that my son’s school was in lock down, yes, I had to see this on the news first, my body slide down the wall as I cried. I can’t compare what I expereinced to what those who’ve lost someone felt and still feel. But I know, I never want to feel that way again!  
Tucson: I lived close to the shootings in Tucson. On the way to the memorial I walked beside a child who was in the same class as the young girl who was killed, they sat beside each other every day in class. He was being so brave, but seemed frustrated somehow. I asked him to tell me about her, he seemed so releived to talk about her. We talked about the fact that he would always remember her, and that was his special gift to her legacy. 
No More Names! Something must be done! 
Please watch this video, it’s asking for a balanced view on guns.
We are creative people in this country. We can find a way to reform things so a bill can be passed.
This video is on YouTube: 
It only takes 2-4 minutes to watch, depending which one you watch.  
Please show up in your town if the tour comes your way. 
Please write your representative, it only takes a moment to write…No…More…Names.
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