Forgive the long Love Letter to Mother’s 💐

This love letter applies to👨(dads), too, especially now. However, since it’s Mother’s Day I’m addressing this to just the moms.

I watch TV once a day because I want to hear what happened in the world today.
TV and social media are making me cry.
None of us know what to do about COVID and its impact.
People are saying they’re emotionally unprepared to face all of this.

I beg to differ.
It’s true, this threat is completely different than anything humanity has ever faced.
What is not true, is thinking you’re not prepared for this—you are! 💪
You’ve got the emotional resources you need inside of you.
Mothers are built for this! 🎯

Mothers are uniquely wired for times like these.
Mothers put their emotional needs last on the list 😰so they can access their deep reservoirs of love and support as they move through difficult times.
Mothers have pushed through sleepless nights 🛌 and endless days. They’ve experienced walking through the hard parts to get to the other side.
Putting humanity back together will take that kind of perseverance, creativity, and support.
Mothers are built to do this. 🎯

Mothers know life changes and then reforms itself into a 🆕 normal.
Mothers have experienced their bodies changing past the point of recognition during pregnancy, then morphing into a complete 🆕 form.
Life as we know it is breaking through ⚡into something 🆕, whether we like it or not.
All of us are going to have to break through into an 🆕 economy and a 🆕 way of living. (I reposted a conscious perspective of that idea at Proactive Parenting Tips on Facebook.)
As parents, we know how to think on our feet because things change fast in families!
Mothers are built for this! 🎯

Mothers are teachers now. 🎧
Teaching is not foreign to mothers; it’s in our DNA; we’ve been teaching children since the dawn of time.
We’ve taught our children to smile, roll over, crawl, walk, love, be kind, read, write, and act responsibly.
Mothers know the best way to teach a child is to give them the resources needed to create something 🆕 out of nothing, even if they struggle and fuss a bit as they learn to go forward.
Teaching people 🆕 skills to usher in this 🆕 reality is what humanity requires now.
Mothers intuitively know how to see a need and fill it. 🎯

Mothers intuitively know how to do things even when the details about how to do them haven’t become available yet.
You’re the same mom who let love 💕 guide you when you brought your child home from the hospital and had no earthly idea what parenting was all about.
Humanity will need us to focus on fixing everything about our lives and do it with love and support as we grow through this.
The details of this crisis are different than anything we’ve ever seen; the Wizard of Oz knew the truth! You have the resolve to face this, because “you’ve always had the power.” 💪

Mother’s Day takes on a deeper meaning year. ⚖
Emotional bumps and bruises have occurred since that first day of parenting—however, now you see a thriving child in front of you!
Humanity will grow and thrive again, in part, because
as moms—we’ve got this! 💕

Please remember who you are, and the power of being a Mother.
Happy Mother’s Day.
Now, go hug your kids!