Dad consoling boy with words Learning from the inside-outWhat’s inside-out learning?

Ingredients needed for Wisdom and Learning: Blend 1-part experience, or 1-part mistake, or 1-part failure, or 1-part positive experience with a twist, and brew.

When those ingredients are allowed to seep into a child’s mind they help them see the need for change.
The key to creating true change lies in how a parent delivers corrections to a child’s mind for review.

If parents yell and punish, attempting to change behavior from the outside-in, they’ll most likely shift the focus from learning to a massive power-struggle that will undoubtedly unfold before any true change can be understood.

If a parent lets a child learn from the results of their experience, mistakes, words, or actions with support, guidance, and a willingness to let things play out, the lesson mixes with the experience to truly transform behavior.

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