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Replace Reacting with Mindful-Solutions

Happy belated 2019 to all of you.
I’m a little late with this announcement because yesterday was my anniversary. We’ve been blessed to do a lot of celebrating recently, and now I’m done!

OMG, my bad…I forgot I have a major announcement. 
If you’re a family member reading this—I am not pregnant, that ship has sailed!


What I am doing is preparing for a radio show where I know I’ll be asked what my definition of mindful is?
Why am I being interviewed about that topic? Because Proactive Parenting is re-launching our focus!

We’ll be focused on mindful parenting from now on!!!

Here’s the thing about being mindful, there isn’t just one way to be a mindful parent. Every parent and every child are different; what works for one family, may not work for another.

How do you correct behavior?

Do you have a deep-seated belief that the intensity that accompanies yelling serves to let your child know that you’re the authority?

Do you believe, under it all, that kids only truly learn if they’ve suffered or been upset in some way?

Do you believe that talking, beginning with some deep breathing to shut down the “big” emotions, is the way to correct behavior?

There’s a lot of confusing information out there about what it means to be a mindful parent. I’ll be showing you how to use mindful parenting skills to age appropriately correct behavior mindfully, clearly and with no wiggle room.

Did you know?

Being mindful feels heart-felt and firm at the same time. That’s because true mindful parenting uses a “big picture perspective” so true learning can occur.

Mindful parenting encourages you to share the truth about a behavior or situations. Learn why saying things like, “I love you, but I don’t like how you’re behaving” may be truthful, but tends to turn off listening.

Awareness in parenting guides and teaches instead of yells and punishes. We’ll be sharing tips, sample conversations, as well as talk about what true learning really means. 

Mindful parenting reduces your emotional exhaustion. Reacting and punishing are emotional suck-holes for parents. When worded correctly, mindful words and actions do not drain you emotionally.

I’ll discuss one topic a week.

Things like siblings, couples, behavior, etc., and I’ll share the information across different platforms.
There will be FB Lives, if I can get over my fear of going live.
I will do long posts (the newsletter), short posts (Facebook), pictures (Instagram) and quotes (everywhere).
And there’ll be answers to the questions you sent in.

We were hacked!

One year ago, we found out our website had been hacked. The hackers, and we have no idea why, placed errant code in our website that stopped any and all traffic from Google. Even now, we have a 0 ranking on Google.
SO…if you know of other parents who would enjoy these upcoming topics and newsletters, please have them join me on the list or on FB.

AND if you feel like you have too much coming into your in-box, feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

IF you keep reading, you’ll find mindful, truthful, motivating, and empathetic ways to correct behavior, with kids ages 3-23, that will create independent, responsible, empowered people, which is what the world needs now.
Bit-o-trivia: Thanks Burt Bacharach.

See you tomorrow,
Now go hug your kids,


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