When a big name says
🎤 “I have something important for you,” you listen.

When Kristen Bell talks 🎙 about motherhood and marriage she makes it real, and very funny.

And, when Brené Brown speaks, we all listen, she’s one wise woman.🦉

I get it.

I’m not famous. 
I’m a mom just like you, who also happens to be a parent educator! 🤷
AND I DO have something of great value for you! 🙌

You’re busy, emotionally wiped out, and stressed. 😫
And for some reason, no matter how exhausted you are, there are nights when your eyes pop open at 3 am,
and you begin thinking.
Maybe your mind rehashes the fight you had with your 3yr. old.
Maybe you’re afraid that your 10yr. old will always remember the words you
 said while correcting her. 🤬

• Maybe you feel a familiar panic rolling around in your brain that makes
 you wonder how, if things are this hard
  now, you’ll ever be able to
 remain calm so you can teach your kids what they need now, and in the
 And, if I’m being honest, there are days when you feel like crawling into
 bed, 🛌, pulling the covers up over your
  head and giving the kids the keys 🔑 to the house.
I get it. 

The time for chit-chat and non-actionable theorizing are over!

It’s time to get real.

The time for using corrections that sacrifice emotional well-being and learning, and just don’t work, are over!
It’s time to use your true authority and broaden your parental job description.

The time for accepting that parenting is supposed to drain you of all your energy, is over.

It’s time to use methods that can be adjusted so they’re a perfect fit for your unique family which produces the energy to enjoy more of what life offers.

The time for ignoring research and the impact of child development is over.
It’s time to create the kind of authority that allows you to remain calm as you teach & correct.

Sound too good to be true?  
Before you hit delete, please hear me out.

My summer was filled with lots of feelings, parents, and kids, ups and downs, and weird things that went sideways. Don’t you hate when that happens?
 I was energized, exhausted, happy, sad, stressed, and busy just like you.

Then I had an aha moment.💡

Sometimes we imagine that the strangers we see, or the social media peeps we know, are always happy and living perfect lives!
That makes us feel crappy, which builds a wall between our desire for change and the energy needed to look for the methods to make it happen.

I have a solution.

People say they want to change.
Did you know that stopping all the yelling is #1 desire parents have?

I have a solution.

Parents are tired of being emotionally exhausted.
They want the kind of parent/child relationship they always dreamed of.

I have a solution.

Parents sadly admit, “I have no idea which parenting methods, if any, will help me live the kind of family life I’ve dreamed of. Do you?”
Guess what—I do have a solution!

If you’ve resonated with what I’ve described, if you’re feeling depleted, exhausted, stressed, and unsure of how to keep it all going, you’re not alone.
You can do this. You have what it takes. 💪
All you need are the words, actions, and support to make these changes.

Today, you can have the solution!
Today is PRIVATE RELEASE day for those who follow this blog for my new eBook:
🙌 10 No-Yelling Methods that Teach & Correct while you remain Calm. 🙌

That summer aha moment 💡 motivated me to give parents what they want, what they really, really want.
Forgive the throw-back reference to The Spice Girls.

You want:

methods that address ages 2-13, so you always have what you need as
 your child grows and changes.
step-by-step, immediately actionable methods to use even when angry. ✔

to honor the unique differences your family deals with every day.
   Think strong-willed or sensitive.
listening, cooperation, respect, honesty, and more fun.
  These methods address all of those things, and more.
sample conversations showing you what to say as you work towards
 making this your own. ✔

what my tag line says, ways to Transform Behavior into Learning

Over the next 7 days I’ll be sharing highlights, one from each of the methods in the ebook, so get ready to take action 🎬!

***Honestly, if you’re planning on reducing yelling and changing the way you correct behavior then 10 No-Yelling Methods that Teach & Correct while you remain Calm shares exactly what you’ve been looking for, so you can Transform Behavior into Learning Moments.
And who doesn’t want that?!

Ready to purchase?
How long is the PRIVATE RELEASE?

The PRIVATE RELEASE runs from today, 10-7-19 — 10-13-19 @ midnight.

How much is the eBook? 

During the 7 days of the PRIVATE RELEASE, only.
  it’s $19.95
Then, the price goes back to $24.95

How do I get it? Link: https://proactiveparenting.net/product/10-no-yelling-methods/

Talk to you tomorrow.
Now, go hug your kids!

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