5 things you learn from a child of any age	I just read a wonderful article from Erykah St. Louis about Motherhood and goals, called “Lessons from my 10 month-old.” 
As I was reading it, I was having a sideline conversation with myself. I asked myself, what things can you learn from your child? Do these lessons apply to all ages? I believe these lessons apply to 10 month-olds, 8 yr.-olds, 15 yr-olds, and adults — in other words, all ages.
HOWEVER, before I share my take away from the article, you need to read it.
I’ll wait right here while you read the article… go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.
You’ve read the article, right?Okay, here are my thoughts. 
1. Learning is hard work. Learning is a series of trials and errors that must be mastered before forward movement can occur. 
2. Never judge the pace of learning. We’re all individuals with unique hurdles that we must process before we’re ready for the next life lesson. 
3. Allow a new platform of learning to solidify before you insist a child moves on to the next piece of the puzzle we call life. 
4. Be supportive, not intrusive. Be present, but hang back so you can watch to see what advice, wisdom, or knowledge is needed. 
5. Become aware of what your thoughts are as you watch your child learn something new. There could be a life lesson in there for you too. 
What do you think about the article and my take aways?
Share your take-aways too, so we all can learn from you.
Have a great weekend. Now, go hug your kids.Sharon

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