baking to useWhen baking a cake, you add things in a certain order so the cake will rise. If you don’t, the cake will be flat, or uneven, or possibly raw in the middle.

There’s a similar design in parenting, too. There are times in life when kids are open and available to parental influence, information, and wisdom. And there are times in life when parental influence is rejected.

When you’re aware of this developmental fact, you come to understand how important it is to take advantage of the open parental window. And that’s today’s post…How Long Until My Child Rejects Me?

Children are curious, inquisitive, and open to life, it’s one of reasons why parenting is fun. Kids also have an impulsive urgent need to digest as much knowledge as possible, as quickly as possible, and that intensity can be exhausting, but that’s another post.

This veracious internal need to understand and interpret life also unconsciously recognizes where the knowledge comes from—it begins with my parents Yes, teachers and peers are influential, but the unconscious knows that what I need to understand about how life works begins my parents.

Kids are open to that concept. They need to rely on their parents, and want to do that for many years … and then, that interest begins to diminish. The progression is slow at first, but it quickly begins to feel like the faucet has just turned off. That’s when you find yourself standing at puberty’s door.

The age of puberty is the time when kids are unconsciously programmed, or wired, or set to begin moving past the influence of their parents. That’s when tweens and teens seem resentful of your input and influence. They’re developmentally motivated to push you away so they can try their hand at life. This is when parents feel, and fear, that their child is ignoring all that they’ve taught them. This is when most parents usually begin going into high gear and intensely parenting to hopefully fit as much information and correction in so the child “gets it” before it’s too late. It’s a tough time in life, again…a topic for another day.

What Does That Mean to You, Today?

It means take action now.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 3 yr. old, or a 13 yr. old, now is the time in life to show your kids how to express their feelings so they can be heard, instead of showing them that arguing is how you express yourself.

Now is the time to show them that the power of clear communication produces far more results, than the power of reacting and yelling.

Now is the time to show them that listening and cooperating represents a clear advantage in life, not a loss of power, or control. Again, no pressure!

Here’s the Problem

Who has time to find the right skills to accomplish all of that? Who has the energy to read 300 pages of theory and distill that information into practical skills that kids can hear, and parents can remember. I do. That’s my job. And I did that by producing The Authentic Parent Series.

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You’re Overwhelmed With All That’s on Your Plate

You’re trying to be and do everything so you can get it all done, right? Your child isn’t being disrespectful, he’s not aware that your plate is full. His quest to learn cannot get placed on pause so things are easier for you. That’s part of the pressure you feel each and every day.

Let Me Help You

Let me share practical ways to stop the arguing, without compromising either your, or your child’s true feelings so you can keep daily life moving along.

Let me give you ways to clearly, and age appropriately, communicate to your child instead of yelling, so you’re not so emotionally exhausted by the parenting process.

Let me share authentic, calm and powerful ways to correct behavior that actually motivate listening and cooperation, instead of forcing you to use reacting and punishing, which feels counterintuitive to how much you love your child.

Let Me Make Life a Little Easier

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