You’ve always dreamt of having the perfect holiday.

  • You become misty-eyed when you see your kid eating a snowflake for the first time,
  • You brave crappy weather, long lines and empty shelves, hoping to secure a gift that will make a perfect memory,
  • You insist on taking perfect pictures, delivering thank-you hugs or handshakes to everyone, and creating the ideal meal,

Every commercial reminds us to be overjoyed that the season is here.  

I’m guessing your holiday reality looks more like this…

  • you feel sick to your stomach reading the long wish list of games the kids want because you know Santa is going to disappoint this year
  • you’ve got WAY too much to do and too many people to please, so you’re actually dreading the Holiday season cause it’s not a “holiday” for you

  • you feel like misbehaving kids and arguing provokes judgmental glances that feel like they could break you

Of course, that’s not the holiday you had in mind, but it is what happens every year as soon as the calendar says November.

The problem is…

  • you’ve begun to accept that the holidays will always be this way and fear that, at this point, there isn’t enough time to find solutions, not true!
  • that belief creates “a mood” that follows you throughout the holidays,
  • you have yet to find time to figure out ways to curb the difficult meltdowns and bickering that happened last year with your kiddos from happening again this year,
  • you want a toxic-free holiday without the stressors, automatic resentment, disappointment, and yelling, but is that even possible?

I want you to know that you are not alone—and I have a solution.

Every parent realizes, usually after it’s happened, that all the activity and chaos during the holiday season can affect kids in challenging ways.


This year, before the holidays descend on you, let’s transform the chaos you’ve become used to into the kind of behavior all family members will respect and appreciate so that you can finally enjoy your holidays!

Anyone can give mom advice, but yours is straight from the heart. It’s dynamic and in line with the true mother’s needs with the bonus that it’s based in wisdom, experience and research… You gave me permission to do it my way, the way it works and feels good to me.

Dorothy Villenueve


Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions

A perfectly sized package of 1:1 coaching sessions designed to solve your holiday woes without taking up all of your time while arming you with real-world solutions, strategies and actionable steps you can take:

  • improve your children’s resilience over the holiday season,
  • stop the fighting in its tracks,
  • help them show genuine appreciation for the gifts of the season without all the greed,
  • gives you peace of mind knowing that you can handle the judgement and family hurdles that are coming your way.

What is this all about?

  • In our Four 30 minute Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions (HBS) we will create customized to you solutions, so you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to handle and have an enjoyable holiday season,
  • The sessions are designed and priced for the busy mom who wants a calmer, happier holiday experience for herself, her kids, and her whole family,
  • You’ll get my 30+ years of parenting education and coaching support that allow me to “virtually stand next to you” to guide you toward actionable strategies, and solutions to assist you with your TOUGHEST challenges by using objectivity and forward thinking to create solution-based results,
  • Clients who’ve used HBS sessions are amazed at my intuitive ability to find a path forward to fix their unique family and behavior concerns,
  • You’ll use your four 30-minute laser-focused sessions to help you master the holidays, manage your stress, relax, and release the overwhelm to allow you to enjoy your dream holiday instead of tolerating your nightmare,
  • You have forty-five days to choose four session dates to use at your discretion from November 1 to December 15, 2022. That’s seven weeks only, and then the sessions disappear until next year.

How it Works…

We’ll find solutions for things like:

  • maintaining your family’s rules under the watchful eyes of the whole family,
  • ideas for taming gift tantrums,
  • ways to calm overstimulation,
  • what to say to dissolve the “I wants” or jealousy,
  • coping with family obligations, rules, expectations, and traditions, so they reflect and honor you and your child’s needs.

We’ll talk about anything else that feels like a potential behavioral or emotional tsunami waiting for you this holiday season.

You’ll Discover…

  • solution-based strategies instead of becoming triggered and reacting when your to-do list inevitably gets longer.
  • the top practical tips I’ve shared with parents for 30+ years that send the message I’m here for you even in the middle of all this holiday chaos,
  • actionable hacks to redirect behavior so tears, tantrums, attitudes, and dramas do not unfold as the critical eye of the family watches,
  • sample conversations to shift from reactions and hurtful wounding to mindful, practical, respectful, clarity-driven ways to share your truth without creating more damage for you or the kids,
  • ways to ensure that all family members feel seen and heard so things don’t turn toward toxicity,

We didn’t want to go places with our boys; their tantrums were running the show. Sharon empowered us to do the things in a way that aligns with our values. She’s so insightful and creative, and funny too, which helps keep a sometimes difficult topic feeling lighter and easier.

David and Kimberly Evans

Your guide is…

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react
Sharon Smilimg

Hi, I’m Sharon Silver, and they call me the Parent Whisperer. I have the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing me to understand and express what they are too young to articulate.

I’ve been a parenting educator for 30 years. My childhood led me to parent in ways I didn’t like. However, the lightbulb moments led to a lifelong dedication to solving parents’ biggest challenges and influenced my education toward parenting and interpersonal dynamics. This resulted in an education in early childhood development and parenting, four parent education certifications, and training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

I have taken the BEST strategies and skills I’ve learned and coupled them with proven mindful psychology and child development to create real-life solutions that aren’t fluff. They work for today’s parents, so you can stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, therapist, and all-around frustrated mom-boss.

But wait, there’s more!

  • #1 After each of our four calls, I’ll send you a recording of our call, plus all the details of the BHS tips I shared during the session so that you can implement your plan, share it with your partner and reinforce the new skill.
  • #2 Those who grab the Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions will receive one holiday gift specially chosen for you from a select group of transformational playbooks. After speaking with you and hearing about your unique needs, I will gift you with one of the products I’ve selected so you can continue the transformation you received during our session.
  • HBS Insider Tips from both the session call, the detailed tips document, and the gift chosen just for you, gives you the strategies to implement and use season after season.

Your Investment in the best holiday season ever…

The Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions are priced
to reflect that we’ve all had a year!

This year the offer is less than half of last year’s price—
$ 147.00 for all 4 Strategy sessions.

The Holidays are coming, like it or not!

You may not think today is the day to purchase The Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions, especially with your gift list!

However, as it turns out, being proactive and gifting yourself this time, these strategies, and this ability to work with someone who can objectively listen to the struggles coming up for you this holiday season is the key to getting what you need.

You’ll get loving, actionable, effective strategies to help you move through this without your dream holiday turning into a nightmare–that’s why this needs to be on the top of your wish list for Santa. These shifts determine whether you have a horrible or excellent holiday season.

Oh, and did I mention that these Holiday Behavior Saver Sessions will leave you with lasting positive effects that extend past the holiday season and into the years ahead and build the kind of relationship you have always wanted with your kids! (Including that coveted respect we all want!)

I’ve been led to thousands of websites, read hundreds of blogs and books…but the majority was dead-end information. You’re different…it was the way you worded things. You were like a crisp, cool drink of water during an often exhausting marathon of seeking advice.

Amy Vance

Here’s What I Know…

The only risk to you occurs if...
you don’t grab a Holiday Behavior Saver Session 4-pack.

Not being prepared to handle challenging kid behavior,
toxic family issues, or unpredictable reactions
steals the JOY from the holiday.

No one wants that to happen, especially to the kids.

So being prepared is not a risk; it’s a reward and one you want!

“I’ve seen workshops like this before…they look like they offer great stuff but give fluff or BS. I’m amazed at the immediate results with my child and myself. I’m in control now…instead of getting emotional or upset.”

Erin from Oregon

Let’s Get Real…

This is the year for a different holiday approach.

It’s time…

  • to have the holiday you’ve always dreamt of having.
  • to be proactive.
  • for practical, boundary-supportive tips, like how to turn the entire Toys R Us catalog into one manageable, realistic, unchangeable list.
  • for a simple hack so your kids use manners at the table this year.
  • for tips that share what to say and do to avoid challenging behavior, so this year, you make memories, not wounds.
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