Stop Reacting and Start Responding eBook, epub

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Stop Reacting and Start Responding


Sharon Silver teaches you how to handle all types of difficult situations with kids ages 1-10. She breaks it down into simple steps (that you will actually remember and use in the heat of the moment) and shares not just facts with you, but helpful tips
that actually work.


I love how she also explains things from the child’s point of view as it’s easy to forget that they’re children, not adults and therefore understand things differently from an adult.

Mommy Just Saying

Luckily, I now have a new tool that not only seems to understand my struggles, but gives me concrete, easy to use and implement advice on how to deal and THINK my way through handling them.

I love the layout of the book.

The clear titles guide me straight to the section I need. Like yesterday, I needed help! I quickly consulted the book and found exactly what I needed in the section, Bossy & The Screamer.” It saved my day.