Work Family Puzzle

Work Family Puzzle

“If you look after your staff, 

They’ll look after your customers.

It’s that simple.” Richard Branson


More harmony at home,

brings balance into the workplace,

because the requirement to be productive

100% of the time—isn’t realistic.

“…the demands of a digitized,

warp-speed life at both home and work,

and [the] stress and anxiety [that is created]

are among the most prevalent,

and added causes of presenteeism today.” Care.com

“Moms and dads are attempting to do it all,

trying to keep work stress at work,

and family stress at home.”

We all feel the effects that juggling stress creates. We tolerate lying awake at night focused on tomorrow’s presentation, but ignore the effects of a difficult evening with the kids. That stress erodes productivity, whether we like it or not.

“65% of employees would leave a job for better benefits.” care.com

What can employers do? 
The solution lies in the benefits companies provide.

“Top companies know that if you want to attract, retain and reward the best talent, you need to offer something that goes beyond just their pay check.” Lesile Ayres

Providing lunch-and-learn parenting seminars not only reduces stress at home, it helps employee-parents focus on resilience and engagement at work.

“Since I’m at work this helps me put things into perspective and find new ways to work with my kids, since punishment isn’t fun for any of us!”
German Scipioni – eBay


“Sharon’s idea made us calmer and much more effective at home, allowing us to be more focused at work!”
Judi Moss – CareerTrack


“Her tips are equally applicable to the kids in our lives and the adults we work with. The only downside was the presentation wasn’t long enough!”
Jodie Chusid – eBay 


Authentic-Round-RedSharon understands that parenting is a growth experience for both parent and child. She meets parents where they are emotionally, then supportively, and often humorously, guides them toward their own aha moment.

Parents see themselves in her stories, understanding how they can transform their parenting to accomplish the dream they envisioned for their family.


Bio-Red-RoundSharon’s warmth, honesty, holistic awareness and passion resonates with parents. Her four certifications as a parent educator, plus 27 years of teaching evidence–based child development and parenting strategies mix together to provide parents with a practical and attainable platform for success.

Read Full Bio & Teaching Philosophy

Red-Round-ToolsReacting at home impacts an employee’s ability to be mindful at work. Providing lunch-and-learn parenting seminars help employees close that gap so they can be focused and ready to manage the tasks at hand each day. All lunch-and-learns include relevant, mindful real-life examples and solutions as well as plenty of time for q & a so parents are empowered with new tools to apply that evening.


Intel, OR
Carmel Partners, SF CA
PayPal, CA
eBay, CA
Intel, Or and CA
Portland State University
Babies R Us
Archdiocese of Portland
Pacific Union College
Junior League of NC
Mittleman JCC

Concordia University
Tutor Time, OR
Bright Horizons, OR

La Petite Academy, CO

Mesa SD, AZ

Kyrene De La Sierra SD, AZ

Central SD, AZ
Stratford Elementary, OR
The Gardner School, OR
Tucson Community School

Hill and Valley Teen Program

What Real Parents Have to Say

“I interview top parenting experts every day for my work, Sharon Silver’s advice is incredibly calming and very do-able. Concepts are fine and good, but providing actual words we can use—That’s pure parenting gold.”
Teri Cettina, contributing editor, Parenting Magazine

“A glorious collection of parenting tips that moms can instantly use to help them raise good and caring kids.”
Michele Borba, Ed.D.

“As the former president and co-founder of my previous company’s 500-person parent group, I had Sharon Silver come in to speak on more topics than I can count. Sharon has guided my husband and I through many parenting challenges and I truly consider her a trusted advisor. In my own mentoring, I have often shared that being a parent has made me a better employee, manager and leader. It’s taught me patience, better empathy, to be strong in my values, to trust my instincts and to remember to celebrate and have fun. Thank you, Sharon. Your wisdom seems to never end.”
Traci Zenti – Amazon Web Services

Proactive Parenting’s presentation struck a nice balance between scientific data regarding childhood development and practical, well-grounded advice on how to work with children. Her tips were equally applicable to the adults we work, a great reminder on how to manage our teams.”
J. Chusid – HR at eBay


“Sharon’s programs are a substantive counterbalance to the linear thinking that corporate life demands. Her programs have been well received, and very well attended for the last 10 years.” Reed Falkenberg, Intel IPN President


“I found the presentation very helpful, as I have a four-year-old who is exhibiting much of the behavior that Sharon reassured us was “normal”. It would be great to hear more topics.”
Amy Hanly – eBay


“Sharon Silver, provides sensible, modern advice real parents can really use. It can be difficult to navigate the differing opinions of experts in this digital age, but Sharon simplifies developmental concepts and provides parents with actionable advice to raise healthy, ethical, competent kids in a flash.” Dr. Lynne Kenney, PsyD, Pediatric Psychologist and author of The Family Coach Method.

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