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Coloring Inside the Lines
I’d like to speak with you about that moment every parent inevitably faces… the sinking feeling that happens when you realize what you are doing isn’t working for you or your family. What happened to all of the fun you imagined having together?
Instead you are tired, uninspired and no matter how many times you repeat yourself, no one seems to be listening. Everyone is talking, or grunting or crying… You are in a constant state of management instead of a gentle place of connection and you wonder how it got to be this way…
Maybe you’ve been attributing the chaos and disconnect to the “terrible twos,” or “teenage rebellion”. “It’s just a phase”, everyone says… but one phase quickly rolls into another and the challenges keep growing and the opportunities to connect and really be present with your kids seem few, and far between.
But there IS good news! These seemingly “normal” stages of parenting no longer need to be normal for you. You can choose to create a whole new “normal”- one that doesn’t feed on chaos and disconnect.
How does that sound?
Just the other day, I was invited to an exciting interview event called Coloring Outside The Lines hosted by Life and Family Coach, Lianne Dixon. Starting on Tuesday, June 16, Lianne is going to be interviewing parenting, personal, and spiritual experts to create an archive of the BEST advice available for parents who are looking for strategies to build better connections with their children. No tricks, just real heart-centered stuff intended to help you explore the many opportunities for deep, meaningful connection.  
When you listen in, you’ll hear from 20+ experts who will offer heart-centered tools and methods that embrace conscious, kind, and present communication. Additionally, this event will include on a number of unconventional activities such as meditation, yoga/breathwork, EFT, guided imagery, and other activities that can contribute to deeper connections and more family fun.
I’ll be participating on the expert panel of this event and as a courtesy to me, Lianne is allowing me to invite all of my subscribers to listen in! If you’d like to learn more about this event and claim your free registration.
All too often, parents believe that a constant state of chaos or disconnect are typical and have to be endured. Are you willing to be wrong about that? Are you willing to uncover what else is possible?
Click on the words to register for free right now.
I’m excited to share my ideas and expand my understanding of the latest alternative parenting strategies that experts in child development are currently advocating for! I hope you’ll join me!
Sharon and Lianne
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