Go from anger,

yelling, and punishment

to empathetic, mindful clarity

when correcting behavior.

mom frustrated by fight, yelling and timeouts

Does this sound familiar…

“I don’t know if I can face another day of fighting, yelling, and timeouts like we had yesterday. Her behavior isn’t getting any better. It’s getting worse. I have no idea how to change it!”

Nothing in life ever changes unless you’re willing to find
the underlying motivation for the behavior.

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Life moves quickly when raising children.
One moment the way you respond works and is understood by your child, and the next moment (s)he looks at you like a stranger incapable of comprehending the rules.

Coaching helped mom respond instead of react

When you break generational beliefs and connect to your needs, 
the way you use responsive teaching feels powerful and effortless; reacting and punishment become what they truly are, places to release anger that don’t promote real growth.

Are you ready to make some changes?

Parenting began with a gentleness that bonded you for life.
Now, despite that bond,
you’ve begun reacting more often than you thought you would.

The secret solution is to shift how the lesson is being taught,
so you can communicate, empower and teach
without damaging your child’s spirit. 

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What Others Say…

“Sharon’s coaching sessions have been invaluable for my husband and me. She has an uncanny ability to not only understand us and our child, but to turn around our perspectives and allow us to see positive solutions to stuck places with our daughter.”

Connie Hasbash

“Sharon coached me for a couple of months for parenting. I felt like she knew me and supported me. I felt that when I had messed up Sharon would have kind words to make me feel better. Sharon is compassionate, experienced, understanding and so much more. She’s great!

Holly Varsalona

There is simply no way to put a value on reclaiming your sanity. My family is back into alignment now because we’re focused on the same vision, using the same strategies.

Julie in AZ

“Working with Sharon as a parenting coach has provided insight into myself as a parent and the practical daily skills needed for parenting that I could not have found so succinctly in any book. The sessions have opened me up to a greater level of understanding as a mother to not only my daughter but to myself. Sharon has the wisdom to help me see the truth about what it means to change and commit in order to take on the this most challenging role.”

Mari Nevar

“I know Sharon’s amazing parenting wisdom first hand. If you struggle with parenting in any way, please consider contacting Sharon. She’s incredibly helpful and insightful. And best of all, she’ll talk you through it all over the phone! So, whether your in Peoria or Portland, you can benefit from her guidance.”

Tracie Zenti

This is a judgment-free zone
created to support you
as you move through your parenting journey.

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Are you facing the same challenging behavior day in and day out? Do you have just one question you’d love the answer to? A 30-minute coaching session will provide you with a fresh perspective plus mindful, clear words and actions to address whatever you’re facing.

Are you reacting and saying things you never thought you’d say? Are you looking for new ways to set mindful, clear, yet firm age-appropriate limits? A 60-minute coaching session will provide you with empathetic and powerful ways to respond and teach your child how to regulate their emotions so (s)he can learn about themselves and their behavior.

Together we’ll talk through the challenges and triggers happening in your family dynamic. We’ll develop a specific plan that will reframe your triggers and shift both yours and your child’s emotional reactions. Each week you receive mindful and clear ways to remain empathetic and connected to your child as you correct behavior so you can coach them toward emotional regulation which creates a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

In-home sessions are available
in the SF/Bay Area.
Other locations by special arrangement,

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