Clearing the Path to Being Mindful	It’s very difficult to respond with love when you’re mad. A key component in parenting is finding out why you’re mad, what you believe about behavior, the impact of those beliefs, and what you can do instead. Learning about your inner world is becoming aware of yourself, and opens the door to becoming a mindful parent so you can respond to your children with love in their worst moments. ​​​​​​​Everything I offer at Proactive Parenting includes activities and concepts to help you find, and clear out what’s causing you to go from calm to reactive in 1.2 seconds.

Today, I want to call you attention to the Mindful Packages we now offer.

​​​​​​​I put together 4 packages, each with 7 products to address a different portion of what causes misbehavior and reactions, what to say instead, and how to teach instead of punish.

Since you’re my tribe, I will share what my favorite eBook is.
It’s 10 Key Tools for Teaching not Punishing, it has 10 different powerful mindful parenting toolsto use when you find yourself angry and ready to punish.

My other favorite in the package is Why Kids Behave the Way They Do.
​​​​​​​Both products are in package #1 for ages 2-5 and package #2 for ages 5-7.

Package #3, ages 7-13 addresses the huge changes in attitude and behavior during that time of development.

Either way you use these products, bundled into a group, or purchased as a single, these products take the concepts I write about and give you extensive details, plus other aspects to be aware of, and sample conversations to support you until it becomes second nature.

Just thought you’d want to know. 
Now, go hug your kids! 

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