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30 Breakthrough Choices for Kids
that Ends Arguing about your Rules

30 Breakthrough Choices for kids that end arguing about your rules. cover by Sharon Silver. Proactive Parenting

Reading this Cheat Sheet will:

  • Change the words you use when offering choices.

  • Change the number of choices you offer so it doesn’t overwhelm or confuse things.

  • Frame choices, so it allows you to maintain your rules while empowering your child.

  • Offer choices in a way that allows you to remain calm, no matter what.

  • Guide your child to a new understanding of where they can and can’t apply their power.

  • Keep you out of the controlling and hovering trap.

  • Teach your child that it’s safe to make mistakes in our house because we learn from them.

  • Gives you 30 examples of how to reframe a choice from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through and has parents from 93 countries using the same methods.

30-Choices-that-support-rules-and-boundaries-3-way by Sharon Silver Proactive Parenting

It’s time:

  • You know in your soul that it’s time for change. It feels like you’re hitting a barrier of non-action and no changes every single day.
  • Your choices feel like threats, don’t produce cooperation, and don’t sound like you.
  • You can count on one hand the number of times your child joyfully cooperated with a choice that requires them to do what’s needed instead of what they want.
  • You’re emotionally exhausted from trying to think of ways to manage behavior as you maintain the rules and boundaries that you know are critical to your child’s growth.

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Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react

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30 Breakthrough Choices for Kids
that Ends Arguing about your Rules

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