Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don't want to.Changing Your Parenting Outlook

Parents need to parent with the end goal in mind, the goal of having your child become an adult. That simple shift in thinking will completely change the way you parent.

When you parent with the end goal in mind, you realize that yelling doesn’t fill your child with the skills s/he needs in order to be a respectful and responsible adult, because it does no teaching. Timeout does no teaching and punishing does no teaching either. Teach them skills; let them live with the consequences of their actions, as you supportively stand right beside them.

Begin now so your child’s foundation can store that information and draw on it when they need it later in life. And IMHO you can and should begin as early as age 4. Looking for ways to do all of this? http://bit.ly/IUliHC use the navigation bar to explore the different ways we can help you reach your end goal and bring the joy back to parenting.


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