TruthBomb: How Anger goes from Calm to Furious	This post comes after some aha moments were shared with me this week. And I stick by what I said in my last email.

The time for parenting chit-chat and non-actionable theorizing are over! It’s â°Â to get real.

Using corrections that sacrifice emotional well-being and learning, and just don’t work are over! It’s â°Â to use your true authority to broaden your parental job description.

Accepting that parenting drains you of all your energy is over.
 It’s â°Â to use methods that can be adjusted so they’re a perfect fit for your unique family, which produces more energy to enjoy what life offers.

You might be thinking, all that sounds great but it feels as if something is stopping me from achieving that type of parenting?

Let’s dismantle the moment every parent hates; the moment when you go from calm to furious in 1.2 seconds. Take a deep breath, 🧘 this is a big idea!

It’s been a long, tough week. ðŸ 

You’re enjoying a cup of tea ☕, coffee ☕, or a glass of wine ðŸ·. 

Then you hear it.
World War III has broken out in the living room. 🧨
As you arrive you hear your kids hurling insults and mean words at each other. Before you can say anything, your older one picks up a family photo and throws it on the floor. Glass shards appear everywhere as she stomps out of the room.Your mind goes blank.
Anger emerges from the depth of your soul. 🤯
Then you see that one of the shards of glass has ripped a favorite family photo 🖼 and you become furious. You know this moment could be transformed into a learning moment, but you ignore that and launch into delivering your anger.
You begin yelling instead of speaking firmly.
You feel justified in releasing your anger.
You want your child to know how mad this made you, so you yell until you feel calmer. 🗣ï¸
Now that your feelings have been heard and delivered, you turn your attention to the situation while still trying to figure out the best way to deal with what’s happened.
Sound familiar? Here’s the hard part.You had a choice not to yell and deliver your anger in that way.
And you chose not to take it. 🥺
You had a choice to use self-control without compromising your true feelings.
And you chose not to take it. 🥺
You unconsciously chose to release the pain and pressure of your feelings by yelling at your child.
Your child did the same thing as she yelled at her sibling—she was releasing her pain.
And then the pressure of her feelings caused her to lash out in anger and throw your favorite picture in
the process.
Are you still breathing?🧘 I know that was a big one; there are solutions.

I would never ask you to ignore your feelings.
What I am saying is immersing yourself in anger isn’t the best way to express yourself so your child will learn.
    You’re a person. 🤜🤛
    You have feelings. 💔
    You understand how important it is to be aware of your true feelings.
Being in a relationship with a child,
    which is what parenting is, 🧑ðŸ¤ðŸ§’means factoring in your child’s temperament, personality, and
    understanding of themselves as you correct behavior.
    • Is the person you’re angry with a strong-willed individual who tends to argue until (s)he wins? 😤
    • Is the person you’re angry with a sensitive person who defines themselves by other people’s
judgments and opinions. 😞
    • Is the way you’re delivering your anger the best delivery method for this person’s learning? 🤷

Those are only a few of the reasons why parenting is so difficult.

You’re the expert on your child. 👩â€âš•ï¸
You have an intuitive sense of who your child is, what they need, and what they understand. 

However, when you’re angry, your intuitive connection to your child is diverted and pushed aside as you unconsciously yell your feelings so the anger and stress are relieved. 🤦â€â™€ï¸

When you consciously shift from using yelling to express your true feelings, to clearly and firmly expressing your authority, boundaries, and feelings as your child learns, your child learns how to express their feelings without anger, too. 🌱

That’s what Proactive Parenting does best, helps you Transform Behavior into Learning Moments.
If you need methods to support you until you find your new parenting rhythm, check out our blog and store at proactiveparenting.NET 

Now, go hug your kids. 
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