Q&A: Different Parenting Styles

Q: "How do my husband and I figure out which parenting method to use?  His is loud and authoritative, mine is soft, calm, some negotiating, setting down rules, asking for my daughters thoughts etc.  I know which method we should use, however our experiences are very...

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What Can Replace Yelling?

You know better than that! As a child, most of us heard, “You’re wrong, and you know better!” Our parent’s words and actions sent us the silent message that we weren’t good or smart enough, not pretty or brave enough, or that our feelings and point of view didn’t...

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Solutions that Replace Reacting

Happy belated 2019 to all of you. I’m a little late with this announcement because yesterday was my anniversary. We’ve been blessed to do a lot of celebrating recently, and now I’m done! OMG, my bad…I forgot I have a major announcement. 
If you’re a family member...

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7 Ways to Help Kids Control Themselves

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