Lying Happens at Any Age

Lying can happen at any age. And since you know your child better than anyone, you’re able to spot a lie a mile away, and your child knows it. And yet (s)he still lies, why? The moment most parents know their child is lying, they decide to punish them. They think,...

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Parental Focus and Yelling

The relationship you have with your child is one of the most significant relationships you’ll ever have in life.  Your influence, your words, your actions and your love play an enormous role in your child’s life. So, let me ask you this … Where do you place your...

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Are you Bullying Your Child?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."  When I was little that rhyme was the big, bad, powerful comeback we used to ward off the vicious attacks of other kids.  

That rhyme made us think we had some power against those words, but it...

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7 Ways to Help Kids Control Themselves

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