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Auditory, kinesthetic or…what type of learner do you have?

Do You Know What Type of Learner Your Child Is?

This morning an article from Parent Nation came up in my feed. It’s called “Are you teaching your kid the right way?

This is such an important piece of information for parents, I wanted to pass it along to you. 
Figuring out the type of learner my kids were became the key to their success in school.

One of my sons was an auditory learner. The other a kinesthetic (physical) learner.

My auditory learner never took notes. The teacher would comment on this and call him lazy. He would say, again and again, I know the work, I’m getting good grades, so why do I have to take notes?

I didn’t have an answer. Then one day he lashed out in class and became very upset because others were talking in class. He said they were stopping him from learning. The principal and I discovered that he was an auditory learner!

My other child needed to move and touch the work in order to learn. He would move his body as he integrated the information. His teachers would comment that he needed to learn to sit still. They also said maybe I should have him tested. I did the research and found that this child was a kinesthetic learner. He needed to touch the work, do experiments, or create something that would allow him to experience the lesson the teacher was teaching. This was my kinesthetic learner.

When one teacher realized my son was an auditory learner she provided a quiet space away from the talkers so he could learn. He was no longer being sent to the principal for disturbing the class!
When another teacher learned that my other son was a kinesthetic learner she put him in charge of gathering supplies for experiments and his interest level and understanding increased.

What type of learner do you have?
Don’t know? Read this article and then post your answer in the comments.

Also share this with your child’s teacher. When teachers become aware of the type of learner your child is, things start to make sense. Teachers begin to see a different side of your child

To your child’s success!
Now, Go Hug Your Kids!

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