Parenting creates questions—it just does.

The day was crazy and filled with reactions.
You know you’ll lie awake in bed rethinking, regretting, and plotting
how to make it through another day.
You’ve got unique-to-you questions — and I have unique-to-you answers.

Let’s chat about them in

The Ask Me Anything Workshop

Let me quess…

  • All you want to do is relax and decompress at the end of the day, but the day doesn’t stop just because you’ve had enough.

  • You’re exhausted by all the “big feels,” yours and your child’s; the frustration has risen to the point where you’re caving into things you don’t want to, just to keep the peace.

  • You feel like you’re the one mom who didn’t get the memo on how to raise a well-behave kid who listens. And that alone is triggering you and making you feel inadequate.

You have questions.

Here’s what I know…

  • The answers you’re finding online seem to bounce off your kids with no effect. That’s because they address the result, not the cause.

  • You want to know why your methods aren’t working and your frustration is getting worse. You know it doesn’t have to be this way; you’ve seen other parents manage the identical situation far more calmly than you do.

  • You strive to be an authentic and mindful parent, but you fear that means swallowing your feelings/needs so you can appease your child’s “big feels,” even though you know that doing that awakens your anger and makes you feel like a failure.

If any of that sounds like you, let me assure you—You Are NOT alone.
The intense emotions you’re feeling are normal and have a purpose—
bet you didn’t think I would say that, did you?
And all of that has created questions that need to be answered.

I know this too…

As woman, we all miss getting together to chat, process our feelings, gain support and solutions.
And we’re all sick of this term, but it’s accurate—it’s time to pivot again!

  • It’s time to say goodbye to the wincing, cringing, and confusion caused by a sea of other cookie-cutter information and say hello to following your intuition supported by effective methods that work for you, even when you’re reacting.

  • It’s time to stop listening to those who throw one-size-fits-all theories and facts at you all day long. Instead, it’s time to hear unique answers from a seasoned expert  with wisdom from 30 years of working with parents.

  •  We all need/want clarity in our lives, especially in our parenting. So it’s time to create a different type of safe space [Zoom] to return to so we can process our questions and grow in our parenting again.

You have needs too…


  • You’re a woman, a partner, a mother, and a person with your own unique goals, needs for growth, and peace of mind. You want your parenting to reflect all the parts of you.

  • You weren’t born pre-programmed to be calm only; life requires that we learn from our reactions, and we need that understanding to be included in our parenting.

The Ask Me Anything Workshopwas created because…

  • You don’t need another book or a ten-tip article from a columnist who simply piecemealed their suggestions from random sources so they can make their point. Besides, it’s unclear whether the writer has kids or two dogs and a parakeet!

  • You want solutions from someone who has made parenting her lives work and journeyed through the ups and downs of raising kids.

  • You want to find words, phrases, or methods that cut through the “big feels” and shift anger so your child listens and cooperates.

Pile of Books with glasses on top

Attending The Ask Me Anything Workshop  let’s you hear perspectives, solutions,
and methods that align with who you truly are and they aren’t on YouTube!

I can’t recommend Sharon Silver enough; no one is talking about this stuff. Her insights are both practical and make so much sense.

Sonja Limone

Let’s Get Real

  • Parenting is soul-level stuff. You know it’s a tough job filled with questions, emotional exhaustion, frustration, and heady moments of pure joy and pride!

  • Imagine the experience of going to the grocery store or restaurant and confidently applying the new tips you learned in The Ask Me Anything Workshop. Who knows, things that used to be filled with dread may turn out to be fun!

  • Imagine how your child will respond once they feel safe, heard, and understood, so they don’t have to act out to attract your attention in inappropriate ways.

  • Remember when your child was a baby, and you had a question or concern—you called the expert, the Dr. Now, you’re a more seasoned mom, and your questions have moved from food and pooping to why won’t (s)he listen—it’s time to ask another type of expert, a parenting expert.

Your Host is…

Hi, I’m Sharon Silver, and they call me the Parent Whisperer. I have the unique ability to see things through a child’s eyes, allowing me to understand and express what they are too young to articulate.

I’ve been a parenting educator for 30 years. My childhood led me to parent in ways I didn’t like. However, the lightbulb moments led to a lifelong dedication to solving parents’ biggest challenges and influenced my education toward parenting and interpersonal dynamics. This resulted in an education in early childhood development and parenting, four parent education certifications, and training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

I have taken the BEST strategies and skills I’ve learned and coupled them with proven mindful psychology and child development to create real-life solutions that aren’t fluff. They work for today’s parents, so you can stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, therapist, and all-around frustrated mom-boss.

You might have seen me…

Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react

“We didn’t want to go places with our boys; their tantrums were running the show. Sharon Empowered us to do things in a way that aligns with our values. She’s so insightful and creative, and funny too, which helps keep a sometimes difficult topic feeling lighter and easier.”

Kimberley and David Evans

The key to transforming behavior is to use a no-wiggle-room clarity to ensure both parent and child fell seen, heard, and empowered enough to risk solving life’s challenging lessons.

I’ve priced this as a steal of a deal,
$20 off the regular price.

You have questions that need to be answered now!
I’d love to SEE you there.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have…

  • a vision of what’s possible, what the solution sounds like, and the actions to take to support you and your child as you transform behavior into learning moments.

  • a solution to your burning question; you’ll also have answers to questions you haven’t thought about yet.

  •  The inner confidence to apply the words and actions that define and motivate listening, cooperation, respect, and responsibility.

Yes, we’ll talk reality, we’re talking about the things
that no one is talking about but are experiencing in their homes.

Anyone can give mom advice, but yours is straight from the heart and it’s dynamic and in line with the true mothers needs with the bonus that it ‘s based in years if wisdom and research.

Dorothy Villeneuve

Be sure to join me LIVE to answer your burning question
and create the stability and inner confidence needed to continue the on-the-job training
that naturally occurs as you raise kids in our fast-paced world.

When: Wednesday, September, 14th 2022
Time: 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern
Zoom Link: Sent once registered.

I’ve priced this as a steal of a deal,
$20 off the regular price.

You have questions that need to be answered now!
I’d love to SEE you there.

Don’t delay…register now, and I’ll see you there. 👇

P.S. I’m not a tech wizard, even though I play one online!

There are never any guarantees that things will go as planned in the tech world when you’re creating a replay.🤞

So, make sure you don’t miss a thing
— show up LIVE!

Bring your favorite beverage, open up a word document to write down all the solutions, and let’s chat about how to make things easier!

See you on the inside!

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