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Behavior and Self Control

7 Ways to Help Your Child Learn Self-Control

How to Get Your Child to Follow the Rules

How to Handle Phone Interruptions

How to Make “1-2-3-Warnings” Work

Why Punishing Your Kids Can Be Dangerous

Why Children Need to Be Reminded Over and Over

The Silver Lining to Your Child’s Outbursts

How to Stay Connected When You Correct Your Child’s Behavior

How to Teach Kids to Learn From Their Mistakes

What Kids Need Most When They Misbehave

How to Deal With Back Talk From Your Kids

What to Do When Your Kids Are Running Wild

Rude Kids: Getting Better Behavior through Silence

What to Do When Your Child Resists Discipline

A Cure For the Common Bad Attitude

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: How to Respond to a Suddenly Defiant Toddler

How to Make Time-Outs Work


Get Better Behavior Without Yelling

Do You Yell? The Great Debate Over Whether It Hurts or Helps

How to Get Through Holiday Prep Without Yelling at Your Kids

How Yelling Keeps Kids From Listening

Why Yelling Doesn’t Work

Why Yelling Is a Waste of Time and Energy

How to Stop Dumping Your Stress Onto Your Kids

How to Make Sure Your Kids Won’t Hate You When They Grow Up


3 Solutions to Sibling Fights

6 Ways to Prevent Sibling Rivalry

How Sibling Rivalry Helps Kids Prepare for Life

Listening and Cooperation

How to Help Your Child Listen and Cooperate

Getting Kids to Cooperate Without Repeating Yourself

6 Products That Help Kids Cooperate with Parents

How to Give Kids Choices that Lead to Cooperation

4 Ways to Get Your Child to Listen to You


4 Ways to Curb Your Child’s Endless Arguing

Video Games

8 Limits That Make Video Games Good For Your Kids

Homework and School

6 Ways to Help with Separation Anxiety at School

7 Fixes for the Homework Battle

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