Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful

Are you stressed

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away, how are you feeling? Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, resentful, rushed, or do you wish it would be over before it’s begun?

Those feelings tend to have their roots in the common unconscious notion that we can control our world and everything, and everyone it in, including the kids.

When we’re in control mode we not only find that we can more easily jump right into attack mode, we also experience constant exhaustion. That’s due to all the energy we’ve expended trying to control everything and everyone. When we remain in the control mode we miss what helps to regenerate us … happiness, love and joy. And we miss the people who are best suited to give that to us—our kids.

Try this experiment. STOP … take breath … look around.

At this exact moment, how ya doing?

Are you breathing or holding your breath? How’s your heart rate, rapid or regular? Are there any disasters happening at this exact moment? No? Then take a deep breath and release your stress and move on to the next moment. How ya doing? Are things still good? You catch my drift here. All you need to relax and remain calm is to focus on what’s happening right here, right now in the moment.  

Sure, some of you are dealing with heavy things and problems. Even though you’re dealing with big issues you can still take a few moments to get back to center. It’s very healing to focus on just the moment and nothing else. Doing that actually gives you the energy needed to face whatever it is you’re facing.

Try this practice over the holidays, looking at just one moment at a time and silently asking your self if all is okay. Keep it up and you’ll begin to relax, enjoy, and experience gratitude for all that your life has brought to you…health, wellbeing, love and family.

Now, go grab your child(ren) and give them a hug! 

And tell a friend about this article too, so they too can have a more peaceful holiday. 

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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