Young girl Crying 10 yrApplying Unconditional Love for Valentine’s Day
How Do You Apply Unconditional Love? 

Love has a calming effect on children when they’re in the midst of releasing their “big” emotions. 

When a parent calmly, and wisely, stands silently next to their child, not engaging in the reaction as she releases her feelings, the parent sends a strong message to a child. The message that’s being sent says, “I can handle your big emotions, even when you can’t. I’m right here to support you and we’ll deal with all of this in a few minutes when you’re calmer. 

When this happens a child feels heard, loved and supported. There’s no stuffing of feelings. There’s a feeling of acceptance. When the emotions suside, there is usually a willingness to talk and resolve things. However, if a parent interrupts the emotional release process, insisting that a child “stop crying and listen to me right now”, chaos can ensue. Reactions and harsh words can be exchanged and love is no longer present.

Does handling emotions like this mean there should be no corrections? Tomorrow’s post will address that.

What do you think?

Well chat again tomorrow!
Sharon ~ Proactive Parenting


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