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It’s been a while since my last blogpost. I hope you had a great summer! BTW, if you don’t get our newsletter, make sure to sign up today, lots of news coming soon that you won’t want to miss!

Our products have been under construction all summer and things are moving along here at Proactive Parenting, however they’re moving a bit slower than I’d hoped. Many things occupied my time this summer so I wasn’t able to crank out as much work as I had hoped by this time of year. Never fear, I’ll keep working and will complete the new Proactive Parenting products soon.

There is one thing available now, more about that in a moment.

I know that school is back in session, and right about now you might be wondering if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Sure, you have some time to yourself in between laundry, groceries, work, meetings, and pick-up. But you also have rushing, stress, hesitancy and anxiety.

Today I ran across an article I wanted to share. It’s about what to do when you have an anxious child. The reason I’m sharing this particular article is because the tips are applicable for all kids, not just kids who have anxiety issues.

There are times when a report is due at school, or separation anxiety sets in, or meeting new friends causes some anxiety. When those things happen parents aren’t always sure what to do.

Some parents think, I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, so they ignore the anxiety.

Some parents think, I should dive into the feelings regarding the situation, however without solutions exposing feelings can often inspire more anxiety.

Some parents decide their child should be spared any situation that causes anxiety. The problem with that is the child never learns the skills needed to manage anxiety

This article sheds some light on all of it. Here’s the link to the article: Here is the url in case my linking skills aren’t working: http://www.babble.com/parenting/does-your-child-have-an-anxiety-disorder/ I hope it helps. Please share this article with other families who might be facing these issues as well.

Speaking of sharing, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what’s next at Proactive Parenting.

Jess Weiner, author of The Confidence Myth, coined the acronym SFSN, "Sounds Fabulous, Says Nothing." I love it! I’m sure by now you know that I truly believe in giving you the opposite of nothing. We’ve all seen websites that sound like they have fabulous articles and products but once you get into them they don’t share very much. 🙁 My webinars, articles, blogs and newsletters share substantive valuable information, and that brings me to what’s next from Proactive Parenting

The new products are designed to work with kids all ages, and will be focused on the topics that tend to make things harder when you correct behavior. You know what I mean, the things that block your ability to remain calm, yet authoritative, to respond instead of automatically reacting. The new products will be filled with real-life actionable ways to manage the big emotions, the arguing, the anger, the yelling and much more, all the things that shift your focus and cause you to react. That’s why I mentioned getting our newsletter. Only those who are on our list will get first notice, through the newsletter, about the new products and our introductory specails. I’m just sayin!

Since the new products aren’t ready yet, I wanted to reveal what’s available for you TODAY! Drum roll please … COACHING. Don’t stop reading, I think you’ll be surprised by what I have to say!

Life is a mystery. You and your kids are changing constantly, every moment of every day. Sometimes you just need to talk about what’s going on and get a fresh perspective so you can move on. That’s what Proactive Parenting Coaching is all about.

What makes coaching different than therapy? What’s at the core of each session is what makes this different.

There is nothing wrong with you! You’re not broken and don’t need fixing! What you want are results, ideas, and solutions so you can take it from there!

Coaching is effective because it gets to the heart of the matter immediately. Coaching acknowledges that you’re the expert in your family, not me, and we proceed from that position. Coaching knows that all you want is someone to listen to you, to support and guide you past the hurdles and stumbling blocks of parenting. Coaching provides a listening ear that share tips and solutions to help you get back on track.

Here’s what some parents have said about their coaching session:

“Thank you so much for your insights and support during our phone conversation last week. It has triggered a wonderful inner transformation for me on many levels. Sending you our appreciation for making this time of life a joy more than a struggle.” Renee Taylor

As we all get off track and need reminder and refreshers at times. Sharon’s [coaching] programs have always helped me get back on track and be a better mom over the past years. They have been my go to reference guidance for any development stages with my 2 girls. This is a time when reacting is the natural and easy thing to do. To avoid this, Sharon’s [coaching] programs allow me to refresh and be more aware allowing me to be proactive and not reactive.”
Celia Bryfogle

“Sharon is one of the sanest voices out there for parents.” Maria Wood

Why would you choose a coaching session?

No one is 100% prepared for what happens when you have kids. You’re not prepared for the arguing, disagreeing, lack of cooperation or reactions. You’re busy doing life. Because of that, you rarely have the time or the energy to get in touch with your goals for shifting behavior, instituting boundaries, or remaining connected as you navigate the highs and lows of family life. Coaching puts you back in touch with what’s important to you, gives you new skills, and gets you back on track. Coaching also helps you find your own natural authoritative voice so you can stop using your reactionary voice 24/7.

We now offer many different ways to do a coaching session. There’s coaching by the hour or coaching packages that can last 30 minutes or 30 days, whatever works for you!

Take a look at our new coaching packages and schedule one TODAY.

It’s back to work for me!

No go hug your kids!



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