5 Actions to Take that Stop you from

Losing your Mind during Parenting Chaos Workshop

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Are you ready drop the drama, stop the yelling,
and consciously correct your child
without losing it.

Of Course you are!

I believe you’re ready to intuitively know what to do instead, even when you’re triggered.

  • You want simpler. You want flexibility. You want parenting to be less challenging.
  • You’re done feeling like there’s a war between your head and your heart.
  • You’re sick of sounding like Atilla the Yeller; to mask your feelings of anger, and resentment.
  • You’re ready to step into a calmer world where an aware, calm authority prevails?
  • You want to live in a world where anger, frustration, and yelling aren’t a daily occurrence.

Yes, Please!

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Corporation Sharon has taught to respond not react

I know you want the “secret potion” to make parenting less complicated, but there isn’t one. BUT, there is a formula!  WooHoo, right!

Seriously, I don’t just want to tell you about this, I want to shout it from the rooftop and spell it out for you! 


I know your anger feels like it comes out of the blue.

Logically, you know you’re behaving in a way that isn’t healthy or productive, but you can’t seem to stop yourself as you try to curtail your emotional intensity.

Instead, the opposite happens—you stuff your mad feelings to stay calm, but eventually, your go-to solution-yelling, which usually works to fix everything-but only in the short term—fails.

And then, lo and behold—your child reacts or acts out again.

And the endless reaction wheel keeps turning like a ride at the amusement park you WISH you could get off of but can’t figure out how, keeps turning and churning.

  • I know you want to stand in your mama-power like you’ve stepped into your personal power.
  • I know you want the resources, tools, and exact skills to replace the yelling and reacting, even when you’re triggered.

Where you’ll discover:

  • A specific order to address the situational chaos you’re experiencing daily, so you’re words register as a  need fulfilled to your child, and(s)he doesn’t have to act out to feel like they’re getting your attention.
  • Four micro-adjustments to make so you both feel calmer and connected, rather than angry, leading to full-blown yelling fests and feeling at odds with each other.
  • A language that automatically bypasses yelling, so you’re able to think, and your child can hear you, even when you’re both about to react. This new way of speaking changes everything for the better!
  • An action that creates logical, responsible thinking instead of reactive thinking. Because you know responding is better than reacting—it’s hard to put that fire out before it starts—but this workshop teaches you exactly how!
  • An action that shows you preciously how to handle situations that require a learning moment instead of reverting to yelling and the same ole punishments, because by this point you’re just over it and having a pro-active way to handle situations is the solution you NEEDED, yesterday!

 “I can’t recommend Sharon and Proactive Parenting enough; nobody is talking about this stuff. Her insights are both practical and make so much sense.

Sonja Limone

Let’s do this…

After 30 years of working with parents in over 93 countries, I’ve found that there’s only one way to do this parenting thing well—be REAL.

Being “real” lets your mind guide you

as you let your heart speak.

However, sometimes, being “real” means acknowledging and dealing with problematic behavior, which can make you mad enough to block your effectiveness. You’re human, and that’s normal.

That’s why I am excited to bring you

5 Actions to Take that Stop you from

Losing your Mind during Parenting Chaos Workshop

  • A 60-minute LIVE interactive workshop with me, plus my 30 years of experience as a parent educator.
  • A Formula you can rely on so you can address situations with a calm, aware authority, even when you’re triggered. $ Priceless
  • The 5 Action Tool-Book. An interactive resource to help you map out your unique action plan, so you start implementing immediately. $120 value
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to the replay—because as simple as this is, there will be days when you’ll need to go back and listen, so you feel refreshed and prepared for what’s next. $ Priceless
  • Bonus: The Emotional Decoder; The Fastest Way to understand and Calm the Chaos of Big Feelings. This powerful resource does exactly what it says it does, shares ways to decode what you’re child is feeling when they’re too upset to articulate how they feel. $ Priceless

“I’ve seen workshops like this before…they look like they offer great stuff but give fluff or BS. I’m amazed at the immediate results with my child and myself. I’m in control now…instead of getting emotional or upset.”

Erin from Oregon

I have spent countless hours (I calculated approximately 64,000 hours over 32 years) with my private parent educator clients teaching these effective and actionable methods so they can completely shift their parenting for the better. 

Now, it’s your turn.

5 Actions to Take that Stop you from

Losing your Mind during Parenting Chaos Workshop


 Sharon Silver, professional Parent Educator, Speaker and Coach is your host for this LIVE interactive workshop.

My childhood was reaction-based and punitive, leading me to parent in ways I didn’t like.

However, there was an upside. My childhood led me to a lifelong dedication to solving parents’ biggest challenges, and resulted in an education in early childhood development and parenting, four parent education certifications, and training from the Cline/Fay Institute, INCAF, and the Gesell Institute of Child Development.

I truly believe —there isn’t one way to do anything; we are all different. So I’ve taken the BEST strategies and skills I’ve learned over the last 30 years and paired them with proven mindful psychology and child development to create real-life solutions that work for today’s parents, so you can stop feeling like a full-time maid, bookkeeper, chief cook, bottle washer, therapist, and all-around frustrated mom-boss.

The time is now!

Your child’s growth, development, and need for support, guidance, and skills won’t wait until you have the time to learn skills like these.

The 5 Actions Formula is a clear model to take you from winning the Yeller of the Year award to a parent who calmly connects and corrects without their usual bullhorn.

“I think my entire parenting experience would have been easier if I had known about her work when my oldest was younger.”

Moxie, Ask Moxie

Supportive empathetic requests stated in a way that breaks through any anger, arguing, or triggers teaches, empowers, and transforms a child’s behavior and creates the relational skills that follow them into adulthood.

5 Actions to Take that Stop you from

Losing your Mind during Parenting Chaos Workshop

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