#3 Lay Down Your Verbal Weapons: 6 Ways to Stop Sibling Wars

3. Hitting is against the law in this house!

Kids know that hitting is breaking a rule; they do it because they’re still immature thinkers. When emotionaly filled up with something you call anger, some siblings resort to using a physical action to communicate, unless you teach them another age appropriate skill.

To age appropriately enforce the rule that all parents have, “We DO NOT Hurt Those We Love”, explain it at their level.

Sometimes when you’re playing a game, you both agreed to play, an accident happens and someone gets hurt. However, sometimes when you’re playing a game, you both agreed to play, someone gets angry hits a brother to show him how mad you are. Which one is against the law in our house?”

This clearly reminds children that “We Do NOT Hurt the Ones We Love”, no matter what! After explaining / reminding the sblings that we don’t hurt those we love, comes the time when you, the expert in your family, needs to decide if punishment or doing a physical activity for the injured party, in order to apologize, is what happens next. The next post is about my favorite way to apologize.  

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